Growth Management Principles and Practices

By Arthur Nelson, FAICP, James Duncan, Clancy Mullen, Kirk Bishop

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Growth Management Principles and Practices shows how to integrate diverse growth management practices into a comprehensive system that balances potentially competing planning goals.

Authors Nelson and Duncan argue that growth planning must be coordinated among different levels of government and across regions in order to be effective. Studies of growth trends, profiles of regulations in various states, and numerous tables and photographs illustrate the benefits of properly integrated growth management activities and the adverse effects of unmanaged growth and poor planning.

The authors also explain how growth management fits into a broad policy framework. They look at how growth management can protect taxpayers, help governments plan for public facilities when and where they're needed, distribute facility costs according to burdens imposed and benefits receives, and protect local and regional economic bases.

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July 1, 1995
APA Planners Press

Table of Contents


1. The purposes of growth management
Prevention of urban sprawl • Taxpayer protection • The economic purposes of growth management • Issues of efficient urban form • Relation to quality of life

2. State and regional growth management approaches
State approaches • Regional growth management approaches • Concluding observations

3. Resource land preservation
Overview • Resource land preservation techniques • Summary comment

4. Special-area protection
Public good protection

5. Rural growth management
Importance of rural growth management • Concluding thoughts

6. Urban containment
Urban containment principles • Urban containment techniques • Parting comments

7. Facility planning, adequacy, and timing
Overview • Categories of systems • Parting concerns

8. Facility financing
Principles of efficient facility pricing • Financing techniques • The financial smorgasbord

9. Administrative considerations: The key to effective growth management
Principles of administrative efficiency • Concluding observations

10. Pulling it all together
Ingredients of effective growth management policies • Effectiveness of growth management technique • A challenge for planners