Traffic Sheds, Rural Highway Capacity, and Growth Management (PAS 485)

By Lane Kendig, Stephen Tocknell, AICP

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Even zoned rural communities can experience traffic network failure when development encroaches. Improving roads to meet demand is often financially impossible for rural counties. Implementing traffic sheds — a relatively new planning concept — offers one solution.

Traffic shed analysis is worthy of consideration in counties where standard growth management techniques have been m...

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Date Published
March 1, 1999
APA Planning Advisory Service

About the Authors

Lane Kendig
Lane Kendig is the founder of Kendig Keast Collaborative a national planning firm. Prior to that he worked in Bucks County, PA and was county planning director in Lake County, IL. He has practiced planning for over 45 years across the United States working for large and small cities, counties, and developers. He is the author of “Performance Zoning” (APA 1980) and the Island Press books “Community Character” and “Planning with Community Character” 2010. He has authored three PAS reports for APA, as well as writing numerous articles. He is an expert in comprehensive planning, land use regulations, and environmental protection. Mr. Kendig has not only written plans and codes, but reviewed thousands of site plans and designed developments ranging from small residential to super regional shopping centers.

Stephen Tocknell
Stephen Tocknell, AICP has almost 40 years of transportation planning experience, including eleven years in Jacksonville FL and 29 years in Middle Tennessee. He is a past president of the APA TN Chapter, a former member of the APA Legislative and Policy Committee, and a past chair for APA FL First Coast Section. As a member of the Jacksonville Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and the City of Jacksonville Context Sensitive Streets Standards Committee, Steve is working to develop new roadway design standards for a city that is ranked as one of the most dangerous in the USA for both pedestrians and bicyclists.

Table of Contents

The Traffic Shed Concept

Shortcomings in Growth Management Strategies for Rural Areas

Using Traffic Sheds as an Alternative Growth Management Strategy in Rural Areas

Traffic Shed Regulation

Seven Development Options Under Traffic Shed Regulation

A Case Study: Williamson County, Tennessee

Other Communities Using Traffic Sheds