Jobs-Housing Balance (PAS 516)

By Jerry Weitz

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Jobs-Housing Balance examines a controversial concept. Some have argued that the market is the mechanism that will achieve balance between jobs and housing.

Jerry Weitz, in his research of four types of jobs-housing imbalance, concludes that, in fact, the market has failed to achieve balance in three of the four jobs-housing balance scenarios he lays out. He provides a number of case studies...

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Nov. 30, 2003
APA Planning Advisory Service

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Jerry Weitz

Table of Contents

What We Know and Don't Know • Applications of Job-Housing Balancing Policies • Getting Started: Some Recommended Steps • Adopting Jobs-Housing Balance Policies in Comprehensive Plans • Integrating Jobs-Housing Balance into Land-Use Regulations • Ensuring Qualitative Balance in Large-Scale Development Reviews • Practical Considerations • Concluding Observations • References