Urban Agriculture (PAS 563)

Growing Healthy, Sustainable Places

By Kimberley Hodgson, Marcia Campbell, Martin Bailkey

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Urban agriculture is rising steadily in popularity in the United States and Canada — there are stories in the popular press, it has an increasingly central place in the growing local food movement, and there is a palpable interest in changing cities to foster both healthier residents and more sustainable communities. The most popular form of urban agriculture, community gardening, contrib...

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Feb. 1, 2011
APA Planning Advisory Service

About the Authors

Kimberley Hodgson

Marcia Campbell

Martin Bailkey

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: What is Urban Agriculture?
History of Urban Agriculture
Defining Urban Agriculture
Benefits of Urban Agriculture
Risks of Urban Agriculture
Prerequisites for Urban Agriculture

Chapter 3: Facilitating Urban Agriculture Through Planning Practice
Developing Community Visions and Goals for Urban Agriculture Plan Making
Implementation Mechanisms for Desired Plan Goals
Using Urban Agriculture to Influence the Outcomes of Private Development Projects
Agricultural Urbanism
Supporting Urban Agriculture Through Public-Sector Programs

Chapter 4: Linking Urban Agriculture with Planning Practice
Fostering Resilient Communities
Reclaiming Vacant Land
Reusing Brownfields for Urban Agriculture
Economic Development
Community Health and Wellness
Community Capacity Building and Empowerment

Chapter 5: Planning for Urban Agriculture: Lessons Learned
Appendix 1: Urban Agriculture Components in Food Charters
Appendix 2: Urban Agriculture Components in Local Comprehensive Plans
Appendix 3: Urban Agriculture Components in Local Sustainability Plans
Appendix 4: Urban Agriculture Components in Regional Plans
Appendix 5: Urban Agriculture-Related Zoning Regulations
Appendix 6: Allowances for Poultry, Livestock, or Bees in Animal Control Ordinances
Appendix 7: Other Municipal Policies Supporting Urban Agriculture Resources