Working with Planning Consultants (PAS 573)

By Eric Kelly

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Every year hundreds of local governments hire consultants to help them with planning projects. But few planning officials go through the process often enough to feel confident in choosing consultants wisely, working with them effectively, and getting the best results from the relationships.

The author, an experienced planning consultant, knows firsthand the perils and pitfalls of the process...

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July 1, 2013
APA Planning Advisory Service

About the Authors

Eric Kelly

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Deciding to Hire a Consultant
Should We Hire a Consultant?
Sources of Services
How to Find Consultants
Organizing for Selection

Chapter 3: The Process of Selecting a Consultant
Types of Selection Procedures
Considerations for the RFQ-RFP Process
Checking References
Conducting Interviews
Making the Selection
Negotiating the Contract

Chapter 4: An RFP for Consulting Services
The Purpose of an RFP
What the RFP Should Include
RFP Dos and Don'ts

Chapter 5: Legal Considerations and Insurance
Formal Agreements
Doing Business with Teams
Insurance and Bonds

Chapter 6: Managing the Project
Beginning Work with the Consultant
Communicating with the Consultant
Paying the Consultant
Control over Process and Product
Evaluating the Consultant's Work
Resolving Disputes
Wrapping Up a Successful Project

Appendix A. Agreement for Consulting Services
Appendix B. Short-Form Agreement for Consulting Services
Appendix C. Scope of Services
Appendix D. Evaluation Form for Selecting Consultants