Building Sustainability and Resilience into Local Planning Agencies

PAS Memo — January-February 2018

By Wayne Feiden, FAICP


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Does your jurisdiction plan for sustainability or resiliency? Many communities are jumping on the sustainability/resiliency bandwagon, but planners might not be the ones leading these efforts. This PAS Memo explores the growing interest of local governments in sustainability and resilience and discusses the skill sets planners need to take leadership roles in this area.


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Jan. 1, 2018
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About the Author

Wayne Feiden, FAICP
Wayne Feiden, FAICP, is Director of Planning & Sustainability for the City of Northampton and Lecturer of Practice in planning at UMass. His focus includes sustainability, resiliency, revitalization, open space, alternative transportation, and public health. Wayne has a long term interest in assessing sustainability. He wrote the APA Report on Assessing Sustainability, focused on that same subject during a Fulbright Specialist fellowship at the University of Auckland, oversaw Northampton’s STAR Communities application, earning the city the nation’s first Five Star rating, and served on the STAR Communities Steering Committee.