Public Art and Placemaking Tool for Planners

APA has partnered with Forecast Public Art to develop a public art and placemaking tool for planners serving small and mid-sized American cities, resulting in a series of online courses, webinar, and fact sheet.

Project Overview

By developing this learning tool, Forecast seeks to fill a void in the current options available to planners, as well as those in allied professions such as landscape architecture, engineering, and architecture.

The learning tool was developed as a series of online courses that were piloted by several communities in southern Minnesota. A focus of the pilot in the five selected cities was improving health, which could include the physical health of citizens, economic prosperity, community well-being, social cohesion, livability, and a healthy environment.

The courses are currently in beta testing and will be available publicly in late 2018, along with a companion webinar and fact sheet.

Pilot Projects

Five cities in Minnesota were to participate in the pilot project to develop and beta test the tool in 2017 and 2018: Austin, Mankato, Red Wing, Rochester, and Winona. The interactive story map below highlights each of these communities and provides a brief summary of their demonstration projects.

(For a more immersive experience, click on the icon on the bottom right of the story map to open it in a new tab.)

Planning and Public Art: An Interview with Jack Becker

In this video from the 2017 National Planning Conference in New York, APA's deputy research director Jennifer Henaghan, AICP, interviewed Jack Becker, founder and director of the consulting and creative services at Forecast Public Art. Becker discussed how planners can work to include public art and artists into the process of placemaking.

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This project is made possible through the generous support of the National Endowment for the Arts Our Town program and the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation.