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Welcome to the Solar Planning & Zoning Data Search! From this portal you can search hundreds of examples of solar-supportive plans, development regulations, and other planning-related implementation tools. Whether your community is large or small and has mild or harsh winters, you’re likely to find some peers here that have taken steps that make it easier for residents and businesses to use solar energy.

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  • Bennington Land Use and Development Regulations

    The town's land use regulations require applications for PUD development to demonstrate protection and use of renewable energy resources, including solar energy.
    Bennington, VT
  • Arlington Sustainability Action Plan Volume I: Climate Action Plan

    The town's Sustainability Action Plan lists installation of renewable energy technologies on both municipal and private buildings as an important strategy reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by using renewable energy sources.
    Arlington, MA
  • Andover 2008 Comprehensive Plan Update

    The city's Comprehensive Plan includes land use goals and policies in support of access to solar energy.
    Andover, MN
  • Basic Information Required for Photovoltaic Plan Check Submittal

    This document provides a list of application submission requirements to obtain a building permit for an accessory photovoltaic solar system.
    Santa Monica, CA
  • Anaheim General Plan

    The Green Element of the city's General Plan encourages solar siting and building design.
    Anaheim, CA
  • Arizona Solar Map

    This map provides summaries of the number of solar installations and energy generated by zip code for the service areas of participating electric companies in the state of Arizona.
  • Central Point Muncipal Code

    The city's zoning code requires solar orientation in TOD districts and for planned unit developments.
    Central Point, OR
  • Casper Municipal Code

    The city's building code establishes a solar permit system that protects solar access to individual properties.
    Casper, WY
  • Carson General Plan

    The Open Space and Conservation Element of the city's general plan includes several policies and implementation measures that support solar energy use.
    Carson, CA
  • Central Point Comprehensive Plan

    The Energy Utilization element of the city's comprehensive plan includes a goal to protect and encourage solar access.
    Central Point, OR
  • Check List for Solar Panel Installation

    This document lists permit requirements for solar panel and photovoltaic systems.
    Torrance, CA
  • Cascade County Zoning Regulations

    The county's zoning regulations allow smaller commercial solar generation facilities in the agricultural district and provide development standards for this use.
    Cascade County, MT
  • Carson City Master Plan

    The city's master plan includes energy-related goals promoting solar energy use in new construction.
    Carson, NV
  • City Code

    The city's subdivision requirements establish a solar-oriented lot requirement for certain developments; its zoning code permits solar arrays in a number of districts and provides for accessory use solar energy systems.
    Salt Lake City, UT
  • City Code

    The city's zoning code provides for solar access easements and permits solar energy systems as accessory uses in all districts.
    Mason City, IA
  • City Code

    The city's zoning code allows solar energy system owners to apply for a solar permit to protect their rights to solar access and permits solar collectors as accessory uses in all districts; subdivision regulations encourage block design that allows for solar access.
    Worland, WY
  • City Code

    The city permits solar energy systems as accessory residential uses, addresses solar in historic area districts, and includes solar integration as a design option in its green building requirements.
    Austin, TX
  • City Code

    The city's zoning ordinance permits accessory solar energy systems in all districts and incentivizes solar energy use and design through a green building program.
    Portsmouth, VA
  • Chico Municipal Code

    The city's zoning code permits accessory rooftop collectors in all districts, and addresses the placement of solar energy equipment on historic structures.
    Chico, CA
  • City Code

    The city's subdivision regulations encourage solar orientation and allow for solar skyspace easements.
    Lindsborg, KS

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