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  • 2005 Ventura General Plan

    The Natural Resources and Planning and Design chapters of this general plan include policies and action items that address solar.
    San Buenaventura (Ventura), CA
  • Fort Collins City Plan

    The city's comprehensive plan includes several solar energy-related goals in its Environmental Health and Sustainability element.
    Fort Collins, CO
  • 2005 Comprehensive Plan - City and County of Broomfield

    The Environmental Stewardship and Utilities elements of this comprehensive plan include policies and action steps that address solar access and use of solar energy.
    Broomfield, CO
  • 2025 General Plan

    The Open Space, Conservation, and Recreation chapter of this general plan includes policies that address solar energy use.
    Livingston, CA
  • 2008-2014 Housing Element

    The city's Housing Element includes goals to facilitate the installation of on-site solar on both residential and community buildings.
    Santa Monica, CA
  • 2012 General Plan

    The Housing Element of this general plan links solar energy to housing affordability and includes several policies addressing solar rights and solar energy systems.
    Williams, CA
  • 2014 planBTV: Burlington's Municipal Development Plan

    The Energy element of the city's Municipal Development Plan includes goals and action items relating to renewable energy use, including solar.
    Burlington, VT
  • 2011-2016 Sustainability Action Plan

    The city's Sustainability Action Plan includes several objectives that support the use of renewable energy.
    Cedar Hill, TX
  • 2030 Comprehensive Plan

    The Land Use Element of this comprehensive plan discusses the benefits of alternative energy, and the Natural Resource Management and Environmental Protection Element includes goals and policies that address solar energy use.
    Woodbury, MN
  • Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Comprehensive Plan

    The Community Resource Management section of the plan discusses the importance of solar energy, and goals and policies for Land Use and Energy Management address solar energy use.
    Albuquerque, NM
  • 2030 Comprehensive Plan: A Policy Guide to 2030

    The Land Use Element of the county's comprehensive plan includes a policy and priority action that addresses solar energy use.
    Washington County, MN
  • A Workbook of Design Options for Sustainable Development: Atkins Corner Plan

    This plan provides a "development guide" for this village center site that emphasizes sustainable building development and design principles, including passive and active solar.
    Amherst Center, MA
  • 2030 Comprehensive Plan Update

    The Special Resources element of this comprehensive plan includes goals and policies addressing solar access and solar energy use.
    Victoria, MN
  • 2030 Stearns County Comprehensive Plan

    This comprehensive plan includes a goal for responsible use of the county's natural resources, with a related objective of encouraging the use of renewable energy systems.
    Stearns County, MN
  • A Model Ordinance for Energy Projects

    This model ordinance offers guidance to Oregon cities and counties on siting solar and other alternative energy utility projects.
  • 2030 Comprehensive Plan

    The Sustainability chapter of this comprehensive plan supports the use of solar energy resources.
    Maplewood, MN
  • Boulder Revised Code

    The city's land use regulations establish three Solar Access Areas for the city and require solar siting for new development; its green building program offers points for solar features.
    Boulder, CO
  • Broward County Climate Change Element

    The Climate Change element of this comprehensive plan is based on the recommendations of the county's Climate Change Action Plan and includes several policies to support solar energy development.
    Broward County, FL
  • Boulder County Land Use Code

    This ordinance defines large, medium, and small solar energy systems or solar gardens and the zoning districts in which they are permitted.
    Boulder County, CO
  • Broward County Climate Change Action Plan

    This Climate Change Action Plan includes goals and actions that support the expansion of renewable energy and solar power use within the county.
    Broward County, FL

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