Lessons from the Last Boom

August 25, 2009

Chicago experienced a residential boom in the 1990s and early 2000s. Many older industrial and commercial properties were converted to residential uses, and some of the city's old retail districts became mixed use neighborhoods. Although much of this new development was well designed and well received, the city was also struggling with a rash of residential teardowns.

In this program, former Chicago city planners Tom Smith and Mary Fishman focused on the "geography" of growth in Chicago and highlighted the lessons learned through the city's successes and failures.

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Tom Smith

Tom Smith

Tom Smith has been a Senior Associate with Duncan Associates in Chicago. Before that, he worked in various positions with the City of Chicago including Zoning Administrator and Assistant Commissioner of Planning and Development.

Mary  Fishman

Mary Fishman

Since 2003, Mary Fishman has been the Principal at Fishman Studio where her projects have included urban design and development negotiation, design studies, and housing consultation. Before entering private practice Mary worked for Chicago's Department of Buildings and the Department of Planning and Development.