Enhancing Your Community Through Tree Preservation

January 13, 2009

Technical know-how is only one part of protecting trees during the land planning process. Understanding and overcoming the hidden barriers to tree preservation are also critical to planning success. Planners, property owners, engineers, landscape architects and contractors want — and are increasingly required — to save trees. But team members may not be fully aware of the obstacles and opportunities that are present when preserving and building a tree-filled community.

In this program, Todd Degner spoke about the common barriers to tree preservation as well as proactive steps for overcoming them. Participants joined a discussion of the process involved in protecting trees in planning, construction and land development projects — for long-term tree survival and for community success.

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Todd Degner

Todd Degner

Todd Degner is the Business Manager of Tree Preservation and Land Restoration for The Care of Trees. In this position he has increased tree preservation awareness and gained recognition in the Great Lakes planning, engineering, and architectural communities as a premier provider of tree preservation expertise and service. His work with not-for-profit organizations like Openlands and Chicago Wilderness has provided energy and direction for a regional tree preservation and land restoration vision that will protect natural resources throughout the Great Lakes region for generations to come.