Cultural Resource Protection

November 23, 2010

In 1993 the Town of Ithaca, New York, Planning Department and Cornell University collaborated to launch the Inlet Valley Archaeological Survey (IVAS), a pre-emptive cultural resources survey to identify areas of archaeological importance in an area south of Ithaca slated for major development. The IVAS permitted Ithaca's planning department to work with developers to design around and ultimately protect identified historic and cultural resources. In this program, George Frantz, AICP, a visiting lecturer at Cornell, discussed IVAS and explained how it became the genesis of two public parks and a revival of interest in the area's Native American heritage.

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George Frantz, AICP

George Frantz, AICP

George Frantz, AICP, is a visiting lecturer in the Department of City and Regional Planning at Cornell University and principal of George R. Frantz & Associates. He has 25 years of experience practicing and teaching planning and design in the public and the private sectors with primary expertise in land use planning, zoning, and environmental impact review. In addition to private practice and teaching he has spent 15 years in municipal planning overseeing development review and approval.