Planning for and with Ecosystem Services

January 24, 2012

Because all communities benefit from resources and processes supplied by natural ecosystems, ecology can be an important lens for viewing planning and site design. While many planners support and philosophically align with LEED, SITES, and the growing ecological design culture, they may feel ill-equipped to apply scientific findings to planning projects.

In this program, Jacob Blue from Applied Ecological Services explored how science can inform planning decisions from the planner's and scientist's perspectives and provided planners with basic, practical tools for incorporating ecological decisions into their work.

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Jacob Blue

Jacob Blue

Jacob Blue manages the Brodhead, Wisconsin, office of Applied Ecological Services. As a senior landscape architect he provides design direction and oversight as well as experiential expertise for large and small scale design and restoration projects. He has provided design leadership for corporate campus restoration plans, urban stream stabilization projects, conservation development projects, campus plans, and residential rain gardens. In addition he has led professional design charrettes, incorporating both the scientific and aesthetic needs of a site.