The Australian Planning Experience

October 16, 2012

Australian planning and city design has evolved with strong influences from both Europe and North America. As a nation of immigrants, that evolution now increasingly embraces influences from Asia and other countries as the immigration mix diversifies.

This presentation teased out how those influences have interacted with the uniqueness of the Australian environment and culture, explored radical changes that are affecting planning approaches, and put forward ideas about how to meet the planning challenges for the 21st century.

William Chandler

William Chandler

William Chandler is an urban design and planning consultant, with qualifications in Architecture, Town and Regional Planning, and Engineering Science/Transport. His experience bridges large scale projects with the implementation of small scale details. Chandler has been appointed to government panels, is co-founder and ongoing convenor of Urban Design Forum, and adjunct professor at Deakin University. He has undertaken eight overseas study tours to test a best-practice approach for Australian projects. The primary interest for recent tours was urban sustainability in the context of climate change, peak oil, and major world financial realignments. Chandler is a Life Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia, and has been honored at a state and national level with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his leadership and advocacy for the better planning and design of cities and towns.