Moving from Planning to Implementation

September 17, 2013

Robin Hacke of Living Cities discussed moving from planning to implementation as we reshape the landscape of opportunity in the U.S.

Billions of dollars of investment are going into the build-out of light rail in dozens of cities. This investment is catalytic and will have dramatic, far-reaching effects. By engaging with developers, investors, employers, and community and philanthropic leaders at an early stage, planners can ensure that the plans they formulate "jump the gap" between vision and reality.

Part of moving to implementation also requires understanding what it takes to make plans into a set of projects that realize the promise of the original vision.

Robin Hacke

Robin Hacke

Robin Hacke joined Living Cities as director of capital formation in September 2007. She is responsible for developing initiatives to aggregate and deploy investment capital in low-income and underserved urban communities. She manages the Living Cities Catalyst Fund, the first in the organization's family of social investment funds. Hacke has spent most of her career guiding the growth of technology companies as a manager, consultant, and director. She currently serves as a director and audit committee chair of Alvarion, a wireless communications company. Formerly she was a banker at Shearson Lehman Brothers. She earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA magna cum laude in government from Harvard-Radcliffe College.