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Planning for Solar Energy: Promoting Solar Energy Use Through Local Policy and Action

Planning for Solar Energy cover, PAS 575For centuries humans designed buildings and settlements to take advantage of light and heat from the sun, but with the advent of fossil-fuel produced heat and electricity, many of these design techniques fell out of common practice. While every community in the U.S. has access to energy from the sun, very few consider how planning and development decisions affect solar energy use. When local plans and regulations fail to explicitly address solar energy use, it can create a significant barrier to adoption and implementation of solar technologies.

While there are numerous resources discussing strategies for growing local solar markets, Planning for Solar Energy is unique in its emphasis on the planning perspective, which places the goal of supporting solar energy use in the context of a series of key community decision points about future growth and change. Through commentary, case studies, and examples, this report provides planners with a basic rationale for planning for solar energy use, summarizes the fundamental characteristics of the U.S. solar market as they relate to local solar energy use, and explains how planners can take advantage of five strategic points of intervention to promote solar energy use. The report’s appendices include a checklist for conducting a solar-friendly policy audit, examples of solar-supportive plan policies and regulations, and a framework for drafting solar development regulations.

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Historic Reports

PAS Report No 145 coverPAS published its first Information Report in 1949. To celebrate this history, each month we'll present a new report from the archives. We hope you enjoy these fascinating snapshots of planning issues of yesteryear.

Information Report No. 53, August 1953

Flood Plain Regulation

Though recent superstorm and flood events along with changes to FEMA regulations have moved floodplain regulations into the public consciousness, development within the floodplain — and the resulting flood damages to property and life — has always been a planning challenge.

This month's historic PAS Report showcases a range of floodplain control regulations from the early 1950s to demonstrate how communities could move from structural attempts to control flooding toward regulatory approaches to prevent or limit flood damage.

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