City Planning and Management Division

Advancing the practice of city planning and management in the large-city setting.

Welcome to the website of the American Planning Association's City Planning and Management Division.

We are pleased to provide this informational resource for our members and for others who share our interests. Our division's mission, according to our bylaws, is to "advance the practice of city planning and management in the large-city setting." Three elements of this mission statement effectively define our division's niche within APA: a focus upon planning agency management, an orientation toward big cities, and an emphasis upon the practical over the theoretical.

At the National Planning Conference each year we present a session that helps advance the practice of city planning. For 2012 we presented a panel discussion on "General Plan Action Plans" to look at the work we do in our cities and how to do a better job of measuring and explaining it to the public. For more information on that session, contact Joseph Horwedel at We are working on the session for the 2014 conference in Atlanta with a first report from the Planning Agency of the Future Task Force looking at what issues and trends should be addressed by planning agencies in the next 5 years to be relevant in their communities. The final report will be presented in 2015 at Seattle.

Each year, the Division also supports APA's New Directors Institute. It subsidizes overall institute expenses, and offers scholarships to help new directors attend in these difficult times. Division members also contribute by serving as instructors. In 2012, 32 attendees spent a very busy day learning how to successfully move into a leadership position.

Our members have told us that these services are important to them and, in fact, we rely heavily upon our members to provide the services. Therefore, please consider volunteering to serve our division as a newsletter contributor, as moderator of a conference session, as a peer review team member, or in a variety of other capacities.

If you are interested in becoming more involved, please contact me at

Enjoy visiting our website and feel free to offer suggestions for improving it.

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