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  • Planning Methods and Tools | Public Participation | Social Justice and Equity

    Engagement Techniques for Latino Communities

    Latino communities often take community development into their own hands with active placemaking often referred to as ‘Latino urbanism.’ This course will help planners learn how to tap into this energy to activate and engage Latinos in planning process.
  • Planning Methods and Tools | Public Participation | Social Justice and Equity

    What is a Diálogo?

    The original purpose behind all the Diálogos was to set a national agenda for planning for Latinos in the U.S. and to ultimately provide a tool for Latino planners. Diálogos is a bottom-up approach that provides a platform for those voices of communities to be heard, and pathway to bring them to the planning table.
  • Planning History and Theory

    Addressing Megaregions in Long-Range Plans

    Megaregional-scale forces and trends impact transportation, the economy, environmental quality, and many other issues that planners must address. Yet megaregional thinking is still the exception, not the norm, in long-range planning. This session provides guidelines for incorporating megaregional issues into local and regional long-range plans.

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