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  • Career Development | Social Justice and Equity

    Strategies for Successful Salary Negotiations

    Planners, learn about the wage gap in general — and planning's wage gap in particular — to prepare to negotiate during your next review or as you are hired into a new position.
  • Career Development | Planning Methods and Tools | Public Participation

    Don’t Go to Bed Angry! Have a Better Planning Commission Meeting

    Learn tips for communicating with your planning commission, best practices for preparing for controversial meetings, and suggestions on when, whether, or how your supervisor can assist.
  • Housing Policy | Planning Methods and Tools | Public Participation | Residential Land Use | Social Justice and Equity

    Planning for Diversity in the Just City: Latinos and Planning in a Changing America

    The key objective of the series is to highlight ways in which planners within APA are addressing Latino issues and how Latino planners are, themselves, being perceived within their profession.

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