Environment, Natural Resources and Energy Division

The goal of the Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy Division (ENRE) is to apply sound planning principles to the protection, management, and conservation of our environmental, natural, and energy resources.

The ENRE Division envisions a future in which we have forged partnerships with our colleagues, citizens, and non-governmental organizations to work towards a more sustainable way of life. We promote the understanding and appreciation for the importance and complexity of the natural environment and work with elected and appointed officials and professionals from many disciplines in solving the many complex natural resource and energy-related problems that are before us. Finally, we advance the science and art of planning, adhering to our code of ethics in achieving our mission.

The quarterly newsletter addresses the latest issues, legislation, and technology in these areas; lists workshops and conferences; and reports on division-sponsored meetings. The division participates in APA's legislative activities and assists in the development of APA policies. The division also provides a forum to meet and collaborate with others involved in environmental or energy planning issues.

We welcome your questions and comments. Please contact us at info_ENRE@planning.org.

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