Transportation Planning Division

The Transportation Planning Division is the home for all transportation planners. We believe transportation planning is more than just a profession — it's what connects us to the world.

Welcome to TPD World!

TPD offers the opportunity to:

• Provide input on nationwide transportation policy and legislation as part of the Planners Advisory Council

• Learn from top transportation planners and earn CM credits in our transportation webinar series

Write articles and speak at conferences

• Connect with peers at our networking events

• Show off your academic skills

• Represent the profession to the public, elected officials, and the media

Whether you want to influence the profession, connect with seasoned planners, or just learn a bit more about how transportation planning relates to your life or your job, TPD has resources and opportunities for you.

The Executive Committee is always available to talk and help find ways for you to get involved in the industry. Contact any of us and we'll teach you the secret handshake that lets you in to all of TPD World.

—David Fields, AICP, Past Chair


The Transportation Planning Division exists to facilitate technical information sharing among member professionals who deal with the ways transportation effectively and efficiently moves people and goods, shapes urban form, affects economic vitality and impacts quality of life. The Division promotes professional communication among its own members, with other APA divisions and with other professional groups. We assess and make recommendations on policies and programs so as to derive the full public benefits of comprehensive and community-based planning that promote personal mobility and travel choices.

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