2020 National Planning Conference

Create Adaptive Transportation Policy

Saturday, April 13, 2019 from 10:45 a.m. - noon PDT

CM | 1.25

Location: 2014

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  • Identify a legislative and regulatory structure that allows communities to adapt to the changing transportation environment, including access to San Francisco’s documentation, allowing communities to initiate their own TDM program.
  • Learn more about defining transportation demand management in different ways, based on the community’s goals.
  • Learn about some emerging mobility providers and their relationship to transportation demand management.


The mobility sector is synonymous with the technology sector. It seems a new company pops up every week in San Francisco with promises that each person’s travel woes will be solved. Meanwhile, San Francisco is growing. New residents, workers, and visitors are competing for finite space and creating constraints on the transportation systems. San Francisco realized that to keep the city moving as it grows, it needed to do more.

In early 2017, San Francisco adopted a comprehensive transportation demand management program with the goal of reducing vehicle miles traveled from new development. In developing this program, San Francisco asked: Which mobility companies’ products achieve this goal? How do we create policy that adapts over time to the changing mobility sector? Representatives from San Francisco agencies describe the data-driven approach to answer the first question and the innovative structure of the program to answer the second question. They also discuss how they are continuing their collaboration during implementation, so the program is nimble, responsive, and up to date in this dynamic field. Learn about how San Francisco is applying the framework used in this program to other transportation policy work.

Session Speakers

Annick C. Beaudet, AICP
City of Austin
Austin, TX

Anonymous Headshot

Carli Paine
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
San Francisco, CA

Viktoriya Wise
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
San Francisco

Anonymous Headshot

Wade Wietgrefe, AICP
Organizer and Speaker
San Francisco Planning Department
San Francisco, CA




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