NPC24 prioritizes comprehensive education, offering a diverse range of sessions and workshops designed to address the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in urban planning. Attendees can expect to engage with thought leaders, practitioners, and experts who share their insights on hot topics in and around planning today. Explore the curated offerings that cater to planners at all career levels.

The NPC24 program is continuously being updated with new events and sessions. Please check back regularly for the latest information.

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Keynote Speakers

Lori Pace

Opening: Lori Pace

Lori Pace, CEO of Changing Paces International is a captivating keynote speaker originally from Jamaica and seamlessly embodies the spirit of #OneLove. She migrated from Jamaica to America and identifies as a JAmerican.

An award-winning business and leadership strategist, Lori draws on her extensive background in Real Estate, Urban Planning, and Community Development, and Entrepreneurship to skillfully unite people and places.

Renowned for her prowess as an expert connector, Lori not only brings people together but ignites inspiration, urging audiences to take impactful actions by CURATING CONNECTIONS THROUGH CURIOSITY, and making a lasting difference in the world and emerging global workplace.

Her dynamic presence has graced numerous stages such as TedX, solidifying her status as a sought-after keynote speaker and leadership strategist, while her insights have been featured in various esteemed publications and the media.

Lori Pace, a catalyst for Changing Paces, continues to leave an indelible mark on both individuals and communities alike and shares the Jamaican Optimism and philosophy of "No Problem" and the American idea of the "Melting Pot"

Speech Thomas

Closing: Speech Thomas

Brave leaders come about in all shapes and sizes, but most importantly with voices that find a way to be heard in a way that transforms others.

Speech Thomas is a shining example of someone who broke the mold and boldly embraced a path that many would not take. Growing up in Milwaukee, one of the most statistically difficult places for black youth, Speech began "going against the grain," allowing his challenges to fuel his positive impact. The speech focused on that spirit as he and his bandmates took Arrested Development from humble and rural beginnings in Georgia to becoming a pioneering force in the music world. Pushing against all trends at the time, their vulnerable and uplifting song Tennessee became their first hit single as well as being awarded BEST RAP SONG at the Grammys and was named one of the "500 songs that shaped Rock and Roll" by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Today, he uses that same spirit to help audiences understand how to carve their own path of Brave Leadership in business and life.

In 1995, the group disbanded, and Speech signed a solo record deal with EMI. His first single Like Marvin Gaye Said shot to #1 on the Japanese Tokyo 100 charts for 7 consecutive weeks. His albums 1998 Hoopla and Spiritual People (2000) were certified gold, while Spiritual People was awarded the Best black music album of the year 2000 by the acclaimed ADLIB magazine.

In 2020 Speech partnered with Resonant Pictures and Pipeline Entertainment to release the full-length documentary 16 Bars where Speech goes into a maximum-security jail to write music with inmates. This stirring documentary has won numerous film festival awards and is now available through Lightyear Entertainment on streaming platforms worldwide. Speech continues to change lives through his keynotes and music.

NPC24 Program Areas

Speed Share
This curated selection of bite-size presentations aims to inform you by capturing the flavor of today's planning from a variety of perspectives. Various presentations will be grouped into 30-minute or 45-minute sessions.

Innovation Talk (20-minutes)
These talks will give examples of an innovative strategy or agile approach used to tackle the changing environment.

Case Study (45-minutes)
Case Studies will illustrate, explore, report, analyze, summarize, challenge, or simply describe practical planning projects carried out to address a problem or take advantage of an opportunity.

Panel Discussion (45-minutes)
Panel discussions will bring together a group of experts to hold a spirited discussion around a trending topic.

AICP Mandatory Credit Sessions (60-minutes)
These sessions will cover the four AICP mandatory credit topics that are fundamental to how planning is practiced today.

  • Law — ensures planners have a current understanding of case law, regulations, and statutes and their impact on planning practice.
  • Ethics — ensures planners maintain an understanding of how the AICP Code of Ethics applies to evolving circumstances and trends in the practice of planning.
  • Equity — helps planners expand their equity toolkit, leading to more equitable outcomes in communities.
  • Sustainability and Resilience — help planners better plan for sustainable and resilient outcomes.

Learning Lab (90-minutes)
Looking for hands-on learning? Learning labs are designed to spark creative thinking in collaborative group sessions by harnessing the power of diverse planner experiences.

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