2023 National Planning Conference


April 1–4, 2023 | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

April 26–28, 2023 | Online

Frequently Asked Questions

We've pulled together some commonly asked questions to help make your conference experience a breeze.

Call for Proposals

Who can be a part of the NPC23 program process?

Only American Planning Association members may submit session proposals, refer speakers, or review sessions for NPC23. Nonmembers are encouraged to join APA and enjoy the benefits of membership in APA's worldwide community of planners.

Members and non-members are encouraged to submit Mobile Workshop proposal which will then be reviewed by the NPC Destination Host Advisory Group.

Join APA

Will my session be in person or digital?

Our NPC23 session types offer opportunities to include inspiration, peer-to-peer learning, in-depth exploration, and hands-on training across a wide range of program areas. NPC23 content will be delivered in a variety of ways, and we will be in touch January 2023 with notice of acceptance of your session. Our National Planning Conference experience is unique with different programs for the in person and online event, whether in Philadelphia or online, we hope you are a part of it!

  • Speed Share
    Consists of a series of speedy presentations that are 5 minutes in length with maximum of 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds, making for a fast informative presentation. It is such a fast format that it is best thought of as a performance, rather than a lecture. Do you think you are up for the challenge?

    Delivery options: In-person only
    Presentation Length: 5-minutes
    Speaker Maximum: 1

  • Tell Me a Story
    People connect with and remember stories! Submit a proposal bringing firsthand experiences to life aimed to transport the audience to that place and time. Storytelling includes being descriptive in setting the scene and sharing thoughts and emotions with passion and intensity.

    Delivery options: In-person only
    Delivery Length: 15 minutes
    Speaker Maximum: 1

  • Case Studies
    Case Studies can illustrate, explore, report, analyze, summarize, challenge, or simply describe practical planning projects carried out to address a problem or take advantage of an opportunity. Presenters reflect on the experience, what could have been improved, and describe the impacts of doing nothing. Practical application methods, tools, and novel approaches must be included for the audience to learn how these solutions can be applied in their work. Elevated level of audio/visual presentations for at least 40 minutes.

    Delivery options: In-person & online
    Delivery Length: 45-minutes
    Speaker Maximum: 4

  • In Depth Discussions
    Present different perspectives on a topic within one of the core program areas. Discussions must include a moderator and a minimum of three panelists representing different organizations, ideas, or experiences. To enhance the richness of discussion, selection criteria includes the diversity of presenters and viewpoints. We are looking for several types of in depth discussions:

    Delivery options: In-person & online
    Delivery Length: 45-minutes
    Speaker Maximum: 5 (includes required moderator)

    Interview style- varied planning experts are interviewed to provide answers and discuss topics amongst the panel. The moderator guides the discussion through curated questions, leaving time at the end for audience questions.

    Audience Discussion- A spirited discussion with the audience about a central topic. Facilitators briefly introduce the baseline idea or issue they wish to explore, and then open the discussion for input and exchange of ideas with the audience. The audience participates through central microphones on the floor.

    Presentation Style with Panel Discussion- Panelist use a presentation to present different perspectives on a topic from one core program area. Presentations make up the first half of the session. The moderator leads the second half guiding panelists through curated questions, leaving time at the end for audience questions.

  • AICP Mandatory Credit Sessions
    AICP has designated four mandatory topics as a requirement of AICP-certified planners. These credits are fundamental to how planning is practiced today. Choose from the Law, Ethics, Equity, and Sustainability and Resilience. To be considered for NPC, proposals must effectively detail how the presentation will meet the CM criteria established for that topic.

Delivery options: In-person & Online
Presentation Length: 60-minutes
Speaker Maximum: 4

  • Learning Lab
    Learning Labs are designed to include an elevated level of interactivity with audience collaboration. Guide attendees through a set of hands-on exercises in a room of round tables. Each table will have a flip chart, markers and post-it notes for attendees to work together to answer questions and participate in the discussions.

Proposals should demonstrate how group exercises will be used to spark creative thinking, teach new skills, solve challenges and engage with audience members. Proposal descriptions and outlines should include how the mix of a brief presentation will lead to facilitation and group exercises while fostering exploration of more than one potential outcome and/or solution.

Delivery options: In-person only
Presentation length: 90-minutes total (includes maximum of 20-minute power point)
Speaker Maximum: 5

  • Mobile Workshops(In-persononly):
    Propose a unique mobile workshop that takes attendees to a planning project or projects in the host city or surrounding region during the NPC. Attendees should learn about local planning challenges, best practices, and impact on the community. Typically led by planners, mobile workshops offer the opportunity to explore behind-the-scenes planning initiatives with a planner's perspective on local challenges. Members and non-members are encouraged to submit Mobile Workshop proposals which will then be reviewed by the NPC Destination Host Advisory Group.

    Speaker Maximum: 1 (Lead Coordinator)
    Lead Workshop Coordinator (must be an APA member)
  • Will submit a proposal via the Submission Site.
  • Will act as main workshop contact for APA Staff.
  • Will submit final schedules, Turn-by-Turn Directions and Maps through the Submission Site at least 4 weeks prior to NPC23

If accepted into the program do I have to register?

APA values the intellectual knowledge and expertise that speakers bring to the NPC program. For NPC23, accepted session speakers will receive 50% off the conference registration fee. All speakers are required to register for the conference and pay the conference rate based upon their sessions placement in the in-person or online program.

Session speaker maximums will be strictly enforced and only the maximum number of speakers for the accepted session type will receive the discounted registration rate. Only session participants with a designated role within a session will be eligible for the discount.

Accepted sessions with nonmember/nonplanner speakers choosing to only participate in their session will have the opportunity to register as guests. This option does not allow the speaker to buy tickets or attend any other portion of the conference. Only one guest registration is permitted per session.

For Mobile Workshops, APA members and nonmembers are encouraged to register and receive full conference benefits. If a mobile workshop coordinator or guide is only involved in the designated workshop and is not attending the conference they will not be required to register. For those coordinators or guides who choose not to register will not have access to any of the conference outside of their designated workshop.

I'm a student. What opportunities do I have to participate in the NPC23 program?

Students are welcome and encouraged to participate in all the NPC23 program opportunities outlined above, including reviewing sessions.

What questions should I expect in the session concept proposal questionnaire?

NPC23 proposal questionnaire is designed to capture the importance of the issue and the solutions offered.

Event Information

Will NPC23 be an in-person conference in Philadelphia or is it online?

NPC23 includes two separate, unique events:

  • An in-person conference in Philadelphia April 1–4, 2023
  • An online conference April 26–28, 2023

Philadelphia Information

Where is the in-person conference being held?

NPC23 will be held at the Philadelphia Convention Center.

How do I book a hotel for NPC23 in Philadelphia?

Hotels for the NPC23 will be announced when registration and the program launch in early January.

Registration Rates

What is included in registration?

There are two registration options: NPC23 and NPC23 Online.


Registration rates for early registration deadline: Members $785 | Student Members $135 | Non-Members $1225


Registration rates for early registration deadline: Members $350 | Student Members $75 | Non-Members $400

Does registration include access to conference recordings?

The NPC23 registration and the NPC23 Online registration offer access to the live in-person and live online events only. For unlimited access to recordings from both events for one year, plus hundreds of other on-demand and live online learning opportunities, you may sign up for Passport, APA's learning subscription.

Sponsorships and Exhibiting

I'm interested in sponsoring/exhibiting at NPC23.

Partner with the American Planning Association as a sponsor or exhibitor for NPC23 in Philadelphia, NPC23 Online, or both! While our prospectus is not yet available, it will be in the coming weeks. Please contact Hallie Brown at hbrown@smithbucklin.com or 202-367-1229 for further details.

Certification Maintenance

I need AICP Certification Maintenance credits (CM). Will I have the opportunity to earn CM at the conference?

AICP members will have the option to earn CM credits during NPC23. We will offer general CM and Law, Ethics, Equity, and Sustainability and Resilience credits during the conference.

Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Send us an email with your question to meetings@planning.org. Additional FAQs will be added regularly.