Code of Conduct and FAQ


Code of Conduct

To provide all participants — members and other attendees, speakers, exhibitors, staff, and volunteers — the opportunity to benefit from the event, our Association is committed to providing a safe and productive meeting environment.

Code of Conduct

Harassment and Discrimination Policy at APA Meetings


The American Planning Association holds professional conferences and meetings to enable our members to receive continuing education, build professional networks and collaborations, engage and recruit new members, and discover new technologies, methodologies, and services for professional and academic use. To provide all participants — members and other attendees, speakers, exhibitors, staff, and volunteers — the opportunity to benefit from the event, our Association is committed to providing a safe and productive meeting environment free of discrimination, hostility, and harassment in any form, for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, physical or mental disability, medical condition, physical appearance, ethnicity, race, religion, political affiliation, nationality, or any other group identity or basis protected by federal law. The Association does not tolerate discrimination, or any form of unlawful harassment, and is committed to enforcing this Code of Conduct (the "Code") at all American Planning Association events.


The American Planning Association requires compliance with the Code by all event participants (members, non-members, and speakers), staff, guests, sponsors, volunteers, and vendors/exhibitors at all official Association conferences, meetings, meeting breakout sessions, tours, and social events, as well as at all Association meeting-related events that are expressly sponsored or promoted by the Association, in public facilities (each may be referred to herein as an "Event" or collectively, as "Events"), whether in-person or virtual.


Harassment includes speech, gestures, or behavior that is not welcome or is personally offensive, whether it is based on gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, physical or mental disability, medical condition, physical appearance, ethnicity, race, religion, political affiliation, nationality or any other group identity. It includes deliberate intimidation, stalking, unwelcome attention, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate/unnecessary/unwanted physical contact, offensive jokes or comments, and unprofessional use of nudity and/or sexual images in public spaces or presentations. Behavior that is acceptable to one person may not be acceptable to another. Whether any act is considered offensive or inappropriate is determined by the recipient of such action, attention, or conversation. Harassment intended in a joking manner still constitutes unacceptable behavior.

Within the context of professional practices or scholarly communications, critical examination of beliefs and viewpoints does not, by itself, constitute hostile conduct or harassment.


As a professional association, the American Planning Association is strongly committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, professional expression of ideas, and ethical treatment of all members and conference/meeting participants. These values and a zero-tolerance stance on sexual and other forms of harassment are in line with APA's belief in the value of civil discourse, even during critical examination and critique of ideas, and the free exploration of competing ideas and concepts — with a fundamental respect for the rights, dignity, and value of all persons.

The American Planning Association seeks to provide a conference atmosphere in which diverse participants may learn, network, and enjoy the company of colleagues in an environment of mutual human respect. The Association recognizes a shared responsibility to establish, maintain, and protect such an environment for the benefit of all. Some behaviors are, therefore, specifically prohibited. Prohibited conduct at Events includes, but is not limited to:

  • Harassment or intimidation based on gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, physical or mental disability, medical condition, physical appearance, ethnicity, race, religion, political affiliation, nationality, or any other group identity or basis protected by federal law.
  • Sexual harassment or intimidation, including unwelcome sexual attention, stalking (physical or virtual), or unsolicited physical contact.
  • Harassment, intimidation, or coercion based upon a position as a teacher, superior, employer, or any position of influence.
  • Abusive, discriminatory, derogatory, ridiculing, lewd, or demeaning language, conduct, or presentation materials (visual or auditory).
  • Bullying, harassment, or unprofessional conduct aimed at speech or professional status.
  • Yelling at, offensive ridiculing of, or threatening speakers (verbally or physically) or any attendees.
  • Physical violence or aggression or threats of violence.


If you are experiencing a threat to your physical safety at an in-person event, immediately call 911, and contact the APA Ombudsperson as soon as you are safe.

Meeting participants should note that the American Planning Association cannot address alleged inappropriate conduct or harassment unless the claims are brought to the attention of the appropriate personnel. Event participants who witness or experience harassment or any inappropriate conduct, including but not limited to the prohibited conduct described above, should report the conduct to the APA Ombudsperson. Those reporting a complaint are not expected to discuss the incident with the offending party. All complaints will be treated seriously and be investigated. Confidentiality will be honored to the extent permitted as long as the rights of others are not compromised.

The American Planning Association reserves the right at any time to investigate situations that arise at the conference and in APA-sponsored online communities provided in connection with the conference. If an event participant experiences inappropriate conduct, harassment, or discrimination at the participant's own or another institution, at a place of work, at a research facility, or online but not via APA-sponsored channels (e.g., direct emails between parties), APA may be unable to investigate and encourages individuals to contact the appropriate officer/official(s) at that location or institution who handles such issues.


The following procedure will be followed for investigations.

  • The complainant will be asked to submit a report using an online form that will be accessible during the event. Failure to provide a report in writing may limit APA's ability to formally follow up on a complaint. This limitation does not apply to complaints by APA staff. "an online form that will be accessible during the event.
  • A designated APA investigator will discuss the details first with the individual filing the complaint, then with the alleged offender. The investigator may seek counsel or consult with other APA staff, management, officers, and/or legal counsel as needed if the appropriate course of action is unclear.
  • Findings and results of all investigations will be reported to the APA Executive Committee.
  • APA will notify the individual filing the complaint regarding any action taken based on the report.
  • Any APA staff or member involved in the investigation of an incident who believes they have a conflict of interest will recuse themselves from the investigation.
  • Investigations may be conducted while the meeting is in progress, or, if impractical or inappropriate, at any other time.


If it is determined that an individual has engaged in prohibited conduct, APA shall determine the appropriate action to be taken, which may include, but is not limited to:

  • Private reprimand.
  • Removal from the event without warning or refund.
  • Implementation of conditions upon attendance at future APA events.
  • Restriction from attendance at future APA events.

In the event of the potential for serious, injurious, or offensive conduct, when it seems reasonable to preserve the peace and decorum of the event or to limit harm or to avoid further incidents, APA may take immediate action and ask a person to leave an event, depending on the nature of the issue; follow-up may occur later.

APA may, but is not required to, report any incident to proper authorities, including but not limited to event security and law enforcement, if in APA's sole discretion, such reporting is appropriate.


APA will not tolerate any form of retaliation against persons who file a complaint or assist in the investigation of a complaint. Retaliation is a serious violation of this policy and, like harassment or discrimination itself, will be subject to disciplinary action.


In adopting and disseminating this Code of Conduct, Harassment, and Discrimination Policy for APA Meetings, APA's main purpose is to encourage appropriate behavior and to address inappropriate behavior. It is important to recognize that the Association is a nonprofit professional association and is not authorized to adjudicate or enforce the law. However, APA believes in the importance of taking action in good faith and the best interest and protection of members and attendees. Nonetheless, APA is not responsible for the conduct of any individual, assumes no duty to halt, limit, or address any problematic or illegal conduct, and shall not have liability for conduct between and among any individuals.

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Contact the Ombuds

NPC24 will be a one-of-a-kind conference experience, offering a chance to explore today's rapidly changing world from the planning perspective. NPC24 will look to thought leaders to share ideas on drivers of that change, as well as the disruptors facing them. Get energized by an evolving education program that will focus on offering solutions to create inclusive and equitable communities. During the online event, planners from all around the world will connect virtually and learn from experts and their peers in an environment that references all that the Minneapolis area brings to the planning community.

Nnenna Odim

Why contact the Ombuds?

  • There's an issue at the conference and you're not sure what to do.
  • You have been harassed or discriminated against at the conference.
  • You have a concern about how you are treated or conference misconduct.
  • You're looking for a safe place to get information and confidential guidance.

What is this resource?

  • An ombuds is a confidential, independent, impartial, and informal resource
    who is available to help you think through issues at NPC24.
  • The ombuds will keep your identity private (unless there is a safety issue).
  • You will decide what happens, if anything, after you speak with an ombuds.
  • Ombuds help resolve conflicts, problems, and concerns that prevent you from
    enjoying your time at NPC24.


Speak with the Ombuds to learn more:

In-person: 102 C of the MCC
Phone: 617-898-0938

Confidential Web Form



Attention NPC24 attendees! Beware of phishing emails. Official conference updates are sent from Be cautious of suspicious messages including any offers to secure discounted hotel rooms or to purchase registrant data. Contact APA at for questions.

We've pulled together some commonly asked questions to help make your conference experience a breeze.

NPC24 Mobile App

Get Connected! Find a session, network, and learn about special events in the NPC24 mobile app.

Download the "eventScribe" app today from where you get your apps, and search for NPC24. Log in using your APA credentials and begin to explore all that NPC24 will offer.

eventScribe — Apple App Store

eventScribe — Apps on Google Play

Luggage Check

Luggage Check will be available on Tuesday, April 16 in Hall C.

Lost and Found

If you have lost any items while attending NPC, check with the building security at the Minneapolis Convention Center.


What are my registration options?

There are two registration options: NPC24 All In or NPC24 Online.


Registration rates for early-bird registration deadline:

Members $785 | Life/Retired Members $135 | Student Members $135 | Non-Members $1225


Registration rates for early-bird registration deadline:

Members $350 | Life/Retired Members $75 | Student Members $75 | Non-Members $400


Register Early and Save $50

Registration rates for members will increase after the early deadline: Wednesday, March 13, 2024 at 11:59 pm CST.


When can I register?

Registration is open for NPC24 in Minneapolis and NPC24 Online.

Will NPC24 be an in-person conference in Minneapolis or is it online?

NPC24 includes two separate, unique events:

  • An in-person conference in Minneapolis, April 13-16, 2024
  • An online conference May 8-10, 2024

Where is the in-person conference being held?

NPC24 will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

What time zone is the conference in?

The program and all times listed are in the central time zone (CT).

What is the official email address for conference communication?

Contact us at

How do I book a hotel for NPC24 in Minneapolis?

APA has negotiated special discounted room rates at four Minneapolis hotels, all within walking distance of the convention center. When you book your hotel room in the official hotel group block it helps APA negotiate better room rates for future conferences. Also, it helps ensure you receive excellent customer service support if needed.

*Important Note* If a hotel reservation company contacts you, you are experiencing fraud. APA has not partnered with a hotel reservation company.

If you cancel your registration, you will still be responsible for canceling any travel arrangements you have made, including your hotel room.

Is the full program posted online?

The NPC24 program is continuously being updated with new events and sessions. Please check back regularly for the latest information.

Can I register for just one day?

One-day registration options are not available for this conference.

How much is registration if the early-bird deadline is missed?

The registration fee after the early-bird deadline increases by $50.

Is there a way to register several colleagues for this conference without doing it under my nonmember account?

Each member must have their own APA ID to register for the conference. You must know the 6-digit APA ID or email address associated with the APA account. Registrations should be completed individually using the respective member's/non-member's credentials. If your colleagues do not have an APA account yet, they need to create an account before registering for the conference to benefit from the member rates.

Are there non-profit registration rates?

We do not offer non-profit registration rates for the conference.

Is it possible to pay through a payment plan?

Payment plans for conference registration fees are not available.

Can I pay with a check?

You can pay for your registration with a check. If you are mailing a check, please send an email with a tracking number to Please send checks to the American Planning Association, Attn: Meetings Department, 205 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1200, Chicago, IL. 60601.

Can I be invoiced?

After registering in January, you can fill out the Registration Invoice Request Form. This information is also available on the conference website and registration page.

Are group discounts available?

Group discounts are not available for the conference.

Is group registration available?

No, it is a manual process that requires individual registration for each group member via credit card only. You will need to know each individual's APA account ID or the email associated with their account.

How do I change the details of my NPC24 registration?

You can make changes to your registration by going to:

Does registration include access to conference recordings?

The NPC24 registration and the NPC24 Online registration offer access to live in-person and live online events only. For unlimited access to recordings from both events for one year, plus hundreds of other on-demand and live online learning opportunities, sign up for Passport, APA's learning subscription.

What is the cancellation policy for NPC24?

The last day to request a cancellation is on Friday, March 22, 2024, 11:59 PM CT. Cancellations will be charged a $50 admin fee. Please send a written cancellation request to

I'm a member of the media. How can I get a complimentary media pass?

APA provides a limited number of complimentary media registrations to the National Planning Conference. To apply for a complimentary media registration, please email Roberta Rewers.

What is the last date to register for NPC24 Online?

You can register for NPC24 Online until May 10, 2024, to access sessions online post-conference.

Can I pay by check for NPC24 Online?

You can pay for your registration with a check. If you are mailing a check, please send an email with a tracking number to Please send checks to the American Planning Association, Attn: Meetings Department, 205 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1200, Chicago, IL. 60601. Anyone planning to purchase NPC24 Online via check must send all checks by Wednesday, May 1 via FedEx, USPS, or UPS with tracking information. Any checks after this date will be returned to the sender.

How can I request accessibility services at NPC24 in Minneapolis or NPC24 Online?

Please email APA meetings staff at for any accessibility requests.


I need AICP Certification Maintenance credits (CM). Can I earn CM at the conference?

AICP members will have the option to earn CM credits during NPC24. We will offer general CM and mandatory Law, Ethics, Equity, and Sustainability and Resilience credits during the conference. In addition, we are offering 4 law sessions approved for Illinois MCLE. Favorite sessions while reviewing the program. Those sessions will show up in your My Schedule, and after attending those sessions, my program keeps a log of your courses to make registering your credits easier.

How can I access recordings from Minneapolis and online sessions after the on-demand period ends?

Recordings from NPC24 will be available online in Passport later this summer.

What is Passport?

Passport is APA's online learning subscription service. For just $180 per year, you get unlimited access to on-demand education and live online webinars, courses, and workshops. This includes recordings from NPC24 and past and future conferences.

How do I sign up for Passport?

Go to to purchase a subscription.

NPC24 Online

How will I access NPC24 Online?

When the program goes live, you can access it from the APA conference website where you view the online program. Make sure you are logged into your account. Click into the session and select the session, click LIVE STREAM BUTTON to view.

Will closed captioning be available for online sessions?

Yes, there will be closed captions provided for each session.

Can my colleagues view NPC24 Online with me?

Only the registered attendee is authorized to view NPC24 Online content and receive CM credits.


Is there an opportunity to volunteer for the conference?

Volunteer opportunities are only available to student members who have registered to attend NPC24.

Mobile Workshops

Do you have to be registered for the conference to attend a Mobile Workshop?

You need to be registered for the conference to attend a Mobile Workshop. Mobile Workshops are an additional registration option and have separate fees.

How can I purchase a 2nd Mobile Workshops (MW) or Orientation Tours (OT) ticket?

Due to limited capacity and the assignment of CM credit, only one ticket for Mobile Workshops (MW) or Orientation Tours (OT) can be purchased per person. If you wish to invite another person to join a MW or OT, they will need to register for the conference separately and purchase their own MW or OT ticket. Each attendee must secure their own ticket to ensure availability. We recommend booking early for your spot in these popular events.


Will meals be provided for attendees?

Meals will not be provided for attendees at the conference.

Exhibitor and Sponsor

Are there exhibit spaces and sponsorships available for NPC24?

Take your business to the next level. APA offers a variety of opportunities for interested partners to become an exhibitor/sponsor at NPC24. Review the sponsor and exhibit opportunities in our prospectus today.

Please contact Don Cooksey at or 202-367-2488 (office) for further details.

What are the show hours?

The Hub floor will be open:

  • Saturday, April 13, from 10:00 a.m.–6:30 p.m. (the last 90 minutes is our opening celebration)
  • Sunday, April 14, from 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
  • Monday, April 15, from 10:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m. (the last 60 minutes is our closing party)

How many registrations come with my exhibit space?

All booth comes with 1 full complimentary registration, and 3 exhibit hall-only passes.

I will be speaking and exhibiting, could I use my exhibitor comp in exchange for speaker registration?

We do not allow the use of complimentary exhibitor registration passes for speakers who will be presenting at our conference.

When does registration open?

Registration for NPC24 will open in January.

When will we receive our booth number?

Exhibit space selection — based on past participation — will take place on January 18.

When will housing open?

Housing will launch with the opening of registration in January.

When will I receive an invoice for our booth?

Once booth numbers are assigned, invoices will be sent out. If you wish to pay before then, reach out to Don Cooksey at SmithBucklin.

Do you offer free parking for exhibitors?

The Minneapolis Convention Center partners with the city to offer parking at nearby locations.

What is the booth cancellation policy?

Cancellation of exhibit space must be directed in writing to APA. Cancellations shall be effective upon receipt of notice to APA. Exhibitors who cancel will not receive a refund.

Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Send us an email with your question to Additional FAQs will be added regularly.