Amicus Curiae

Amicus Briefs

APA works to advance planning through the judicial process by filing amicus curiae friend of the court briefs in select cases of national importance.

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Amicus Curiae Committee

Through the Amicus Curiae Committee's efforts, APA files "friend of the court" briefs in state and federal courts in cases of importance to the planning profession and the public interest.

Since 1985, it's been a standing committee of APA's Board of Directors and includes distinguished attorneys and planners from around the country.


John M. Baker
Founding Partner, Greene Espel PLLP


  • Al Herson, FAICP (Sacramento, California)
  • John R. Nolon (White Plains, New York)
  • Carrie Richter (Portland, Oregon)
  • Deborah M. Rosenthal, AICP (Costa Mesa, Caliornia)
  • Patricia E. Salkin (Central Islip, New York)
  • Nancy Ellen Stroud, AICP (Boca Raton, Florida)
  • Edward J. Sullivan (Portland, Oregon)
  • Julie A. Tappendorf (Chicago)

In 1990, the APA Board of Directors adopted formal procedures for the committee that include involving APA chapters in the deliberations.

To learn more about the activities of the Amicus Curiae Committee, please contact Jason Jordan.