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December 2018

Planning for Equity

The theme of equity runs through the December issue of Planning. In Detroit, Atlanta, and Chicago, planners are trying new ways to revitalize neighborhoods and avoid gentrification. Natchez, Mississippi, developed a downtown plan that, for the first time, reflects input from both white and black residents. In Intersections, "We Ask, You Answer" invites readers to describe their communities' strategies for equitable growth in 2019.

Featured Articles

The Scales of Gentrification

Cities strive to find the balance point between urban revitalization and gentrification. Pete Saunders reports.

The Art of Public Engagement

Planners and communities are getting creative with the planning process, writes Erick Mertz.

Skin in the Game

The New Rochelle Model is an innovative, market-based redevelopment process. And it’s working. Story by Luiz Aragon, Daniel Marsh, and Seth Pinsky.

A New Direction for Natchez

A struggling Southern city with a racially divided past takes a big step to create prosperity for all. Philip Walker and Keith Covington explain.

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