Housing Supply Accelerator

A partnership between the American Planning Association (APA) and the National League of Cities (NLC), the Housing Supply Accelerator is a national campaign to improve local capacity, identify critical solutions, and speed reforms that enable communities and developers to work together to produce, preserve and provide a diverse range of quality housing by realigning the efforts of public and private stakeholders in the housing sector to meet housing needs at the local level.

Housing Supply Accelerator Playbook

Housing Supply Accelerator Playbook cover

Solutions, Systems, Partnerships

The Housing Supply Accelerator Playbook is for local elected officials and community planners working to boost diverse, attainable, and equitable housing supply in communities nationwide.

About the Campaign

The Housing Supply Accelerator, led by APA President Angela D. Brooks, FAICP, and then-NLC President and Tacoma, Washington, Mayor Victoria Woodards, brings together local governments, community planners, builders, financial institutions, housing policy associations, real estate professionals, and state and federal partners to develop, align and advance solutions for housing supply challenges at the local level.

This solutions-oriented campaign will provide actionable resources to accelerate and incentivize local approaches to land use, housing development, and preservation.

A steering committee of local leaders and planners, each with unique perspectives and experiences in housing policy, planning, or development were appointed by the campaign co-chairs, APA President Angela D. Brooks, FAICP, and Tempe, Arizona, Mayor Corey Woods.

The steering committee held convenings in 2023 to explore three key drivers of the nation's housing shortage: construction and development; housing finance; and land use and regulations. A fourth area of infrastructure and workforce needs was also explored.

Learn more about the launch of the Housing Supply Accelerator to realign stakeholders and advance solutions that accelerate and incentivize reforms to land use, housing development, and preservation.

Stay Up-to-Date

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