Student Representatives Council

The Student Representatives Council (SRC) is one of the three APA components. The SRC is composed of Planning Student Organizations (PSO) representatives and its executive committee.

The goal of the SRC is to engage students and emerging professionals in APA decision making and leadership, aiming to create lasting connections between those new to the field and APA.

SRC organizational chart

2020 Student Representatives Council Executive Committee

The SRC executive committee leads the SRC, helping to shape APA's policies that influence student issues. The executive committee advises the APA Board of Directors on the best interests and needs of student and young professional membership. The executive committee members serve for two years in their respected seats. After the term is expired, the committee invites all APA students to submit nominations for the leadership positions through the APA elections process. Not quite sure what region your in? View the APA Electoral Regions map.

SRC Executive Committee Roles & Responsibilities

Veronica Escalera-Ibarra, SRC Chair

Veronica Escalera- Ibarra

Veronica Escalera-Ibarra is a San Antonio native and second year master's student at the University of Texas at San Antonio in Urban and Regional Planning. She hopes her future planning pursuits expand an understanding of real estate development and land use law to create sustainable and equitable planning projects. Term of office: January 2020–December 2021.

Justin Romeo, SRC Rep Region I
Region I

Justin Romeo

Justin Romeo graduated from Columbia University in 2018 and has since been working in the Regional and Strategic Planning subdivision of the New York City Department of Transportation. His projects focus on the management and application of mobility data to initiatives that make efficient use of the New York City curb and streets. Originally from Chicago, he has been living in New York City since 2016. Term of office: January 2018–December 2020.

Sean Scoopmire, SRC Region II rep
Region II

Sean A. Scoopmire

Sean Scoopmire is a North Carolina native who lives in Greenville, South Carolina. He is a second-year student in the Master of City and Regional Planning program at Clemson University and is returning to school from a career practicing law. Sean is interested in public art, creative placemaking, economic development, and community development. Term of office: January 2020–December 2021.

Kohl Malo, SRC Region III Rep
Region III

Kohl Malo

Kohl Malo is a planner currently working in Tampa, Florida. He recently graduated from Florida State University with his Master’s in Urban & Regional Planning, and today works to find elegant solutions to problems in transportation and land use. As the SRC Region III Rep, Kohl finds ways to elevate the profile and opportunities for students and young professionals in the south and southeast, as well as nationwide, through programs that link students and young professionals with opportunities in the private, public, and non-profit sector. Kohl loves to travel and learning about the tools different cultures use to shape their environment and economies. Term of office: January 2020–December 2021.

Batul Ather, SRC Region IV rep
Region IV

Batul Ather

Batul Ather is a third-year undergraduate Urban Planning student at Ball State University. Born and raised in Indianapolis, she is excited to be representing the Midwest these next two years. Term of office: January 2020–December 2021.

Region V

Charles Liuzzo

Charles Liuzzo is a recent dual-degree MBA and MS Urban Planning graduate from the University of Arizona, where his studies concentrated on affordable housing, responsible development, and business consulting. He believes in expanding access to secure and affordable housing and his work is focused on achieving that. Term of office: January 2018–December 2020.

Region VI

Alex Yee

Alex Yee is a recent graduate from the University of Southern California, where he received his Master of Planning degree. He received his bachelor’s degree from Tufts University. He currently works for the California Coastal Commission helping cities prepare for the impacts of climate change, particularly addressing sea-level rise. Within APA, Alex is on the Student Representatives Council (SRC) Executive Committee representing Region VI and is the co-director of Young & Emerging Planners for the APA-Los Angeles section. Alex has previously served as the SRC liaison to the AICP Commission, a National Awards jury member, and student representative on the California Planning Foundation Board. Term of office: January 2018–December 2020.

Headshot of Rachael Panik Thompson.
Past Chair

Rachael Panik-Thompson

Rachael Thompson Panik is an Alabama native now transplanted to Greenville, South Carolina. She graduated with her planning degree from Clemson University in 2018 and now is a planner for Toole Design Group. Term of office: January 2020–December 2021.