Certification Maintenance

For AICP Members

The Certification Maintenance (CM) program offers AICP certified planners professional development opportunities that keep them abreast of the latest best practices in planning. This education program connects today's practicing planners to CM providers who are dedicated to excellence and innovation.

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For CM Providers

Your organization could be part of the Certification Maintenance (CM) program, which offers over 16,000+ AICP certified planners continuing education opportunities to keep them abreast of the latest best practices in planning. Colleges and universities, private firms, and nonprofit organizations can get planning education in front of highly dedicated certified professionals.

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Learn about how to bring your education to an audience of 16,000 planners by becoming a CM provider.

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Finding and Logging Credits

Attention AICP members! We've created a helpful video to guide you through the process of logging your Certification Maintenance (CM) credits. The logging of credits is crucial for maintaining your certification. Watch this video for step-by-step instructions, and for more details, refer to our logging credits instructions.

Stay on top of your CM credits effortlessly with this user-friendly guide.

Invest in Yourself

Certification Maintenance gives the AICP credential lasting value and meaning. As a certified planner, when you invest in yourself through professional development, you not only maintain your AICP certification but also make a greater impact in your work. By keeping your skills and knowledge of planning practices and trends current, you’re more equipped to respond to the challenges our communities may face.

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