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Goals of Certification Maintenance

  • Require ongoing professional development for all AICP members.
  • Align professional development opportunities with AICP's Core Competencies.
  • Elevate innovative planning practices, emerging issues, planning trends, planning specialties, and best practices.
  • Ensure appropriate level professional development opportunities at all career levels.
  • Establish standardized CM requirements that all members must achieve to retain their AICP credential.
  • Promote ethical practice as stated in AICP's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, including mentoring and volunteering.
  • Promote a broad range of accessible and affordable CM credit options.
  • Ensure CM management and logging systems are user-friendly and easily accessible.
  • Provide flexibility for CM providers, including public and private sector providers, APA chapters and divisions.
  • Promote AICP values, including equity, diversity and inclusiveness through the CM program
  • Annually evaluate CM program performance based on CM goals and corresponding metrics.


Commonly Used Terms — Certification Maintenance Program

Reporting Periods: Each AICP member is provided a reporting period upon becoming AICP. Every two years, you must complete the 32 hours of continuing education and claim these credits within the assigned CM log and during the two-year reporting period.

Requirements: You must earn a total of 32 CM credits (1 training hour = 1 CM credit) within the two-year reporting period.

Mandatory Topics: Beginning, January 1, 2022, you must earn 1-hour CM credit towards the topic of AICP Ethics, Law, Equity and Sustainability & Resilience.

Review and Sign Off: After each reporting period ends, you will need to review and sign off that reporting period to open the next reporting period.

Carryover: You may carry over a maximum of 16 CM credits from one reporting period into the subsequent reporting period; however, any surplus ethics, equity, planning law, and sustainability & resilience credits will be carried over to the next two-year reporting period as general CM credits, not law or ethics.

CM Exemptions: AICP members in certain life and career situations may be eligible for a temporary or permanent Certification Maintenance (CM) exemption to assist in keeping their membership active, or a CM exemption to temporarily inactive their AICP membership, including CM requirements and AICP dues for up to four years.

Not Meeting CM Requirements: AICP members who do not meet CM requirements within two years will lose AICP certification.

Reinstatement: AICP Members who and will be obliged to seek recertification within four years in order to regain the AICP credential. Members who do not reinstate within four years will be required to retake the AICP exam.

CM Providers: All professional development activities must be entered for CM credit by the provider. You must claim CM credit after participation by using their online CM log. The list of CM events is growing every day, so please bookmark the CM Search and Search by a CM Provider webpages and check back to see whether an event you attended has been added.