Policy and Advocacy

Impact Policy Through Advocacy

Planners' Advocacy Network

If you are an APA member, consider joining this network to engage in grassroots advocacy and:

  • Influence policy makers on key issues affecting planners
  • Shape APA's policy and advocacy work
  • Gain access to special events, reports, training, and assistance
  • Receive policy event discounts

Even if you have only a few minutes a day, or an hour a week, you can volunteer to be an advocate and a member of the Network.

Sign up by visiting the Advocacy & Interests section of My APA and checking the box "Yes, Include me in the Planners' Advocacy Network."

Join Here

Advocate's Toolbox

Members of the Planners' Advocacy Network enjoy special access to this suite of tools needed to make a lasting impression on Capitol Hill, and beyond.

Policy Issues

APA's policy guides outline official association positions representing members' collective thinking, and outline actions to improve the political environment for planning.

APA conducts national policy polls to gauge opinions and perceptions about planning and planners.

Each year, APA adopts a slate of legislative priorities to advance planning.

Amicus Curiae

APA works to advance planning through the judicial process by filing amicus curiae — friend of the court — briefs in select cases of national importance.

Communications Guide

This online, interactive guide designed to help planners develop and deliver positive values-based messages about planning and APA to targeted audiences.

Growing Smart

The Guidebook and its accompanying User Manual are the culmination of APA's seven-year Growing Smart project.

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