Renewal / Reinstatement

Time to Renew?

Pay Online

Renew online by using the "My APA" link found at the top of every APA webpage. (If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so.) In the "Membership" section of your My APA page, click "Renew Online."

Pay by Phone

You may renew your membership by paying your dues over the phone using a credit card. Call 312-431-9100. Your payment will be immediately processed.

Pay by Mail or Fax

Send in your original invoice and payment in the return envelope provided or download the membership application form and fax it to us with credit card payment. Your payment will be processed within 7–10 business days from the time the payment is mailed, or 3–5 business days from the time the payment is faxed. To trace a mailed payment, we will need the date your payment cleared the bank.

Check your payment status

Use the "My APA" link found at the top of every webpage. (If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so.) Your current APA paid-through date displays in the top section of your My APA page.


Requirements for Maintaining and Reinstating AICP Membership

To claim AICP as a professional designation, members must be in good standing. To maintain good standing, an AICP member must:

  1. Pay annual APA, local chapter, and AICP dues before expiration.
  2. Uphold AICP professional and ethical standards.
  3. Satisfy the continuing education requirements mandated by AICP's Certification Maintenance program

An AICP member who fails to satisfy the above requirements becomes a lapsed member and:

  • Must immediately cease to claim or use the AICP credential.
  • Loses access to his or her CM log.
  • Loses member and subscriber benefits, including access to areas of the APA website.
  • Must reinstate membership within a four-year window from his or her membership lapse date without being required to reapply and retake the AICP certification exam. After four years, a member must appeal to the AICP Commission for reinstatement.

Reinstating AICP Membership: What to Do If Your Membership Has Lapsed

Any AICP member who wishes to reinstate within four-years of their AICP membership lapse date must contact to:

  1. Pay AICP back dues owed. Reinstating members who were paying unemployed dues during their last paid-through cycle will pay back dues based on the current lowest AICP dues rate.
  2. Confirm in writing that they did not act in violation of the AICP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct or use the AICP credential any time subsequent to receiving the certified letter notifying them of their lapsed membership.
  3. Demonstrate that they earned the required number of CM credits during the entire period of their lapsed membership.

To facilitate this process, access to your log will be restored. Any registered CM activity that the member attended from the time the reporting period began until the time reinstatement is requested is eligible. Members may also use self-reporting as an option.

Reinstatement After the Close of an Unfulfilled Two-Year Reporting Period or Periods

Any AICP member whose membership lapses because of a failure to fulfill the CM requirements by the end of the grace period of a designated CM reporting period OR whose membership lapses before the reporting period but does not apply for reinstatement until after the close of the reporting period must:​

  • Complete the steps listed above, and
  • Pay a non-refundable $100 reinstatement fee and all back AICP dues owed.

How Reinstatements Affect Reporting Periods

If you reinstate before the close of your reporting period, your reporting period timeframe will be unaffected.

For example, if a member in the 2013–2014 reporting cycle lapses on March 31, 2014, for failure to pay dues and applies for reinstatement on December 1, 2014, he or she must pay back dues owed since March 31, 2014, and complete and log all 32 CM credits by April 30, 2014.

If you reinstate after the close of an unfulfilled Two-Year Reporting Period or Periods you will be assigned to the next successive two-year reporting period that is still open and will be expected to earn and log all 32 CM credits mandated for that two-year reporting period on the same schedule as other AICP members in that reporting group, regardless of when in the reporting period membership is reinstated.

For example, if a member on the 2013–2014 reporting period fails to complete the 32 CM credits by April 30, 2015 (the end of the grace period), and applies for reinstatement on June 30, 2015, he or she must complete the closed reporting period by logging 32 CM credits — including the required 1.5 CM credits each for ethics and law. The member will then be assigned to the 2015–2016 reporting period and will be expected to log 32 CM credits by December 31, 2016, pay back dues owed (if any), and pay the $100 reinstatement fee.

Reinstatement of Members on Inactive Membership Status

Under certain circumstances, AICP members in good standing may qualify for a temporary inactive AICP membership status which exempts them from paying AICP dues and CM requirements. For more information about AICP membership exemptions go here. If a member is approved for temporary inactive status, the effective date of the change will be the next normal quarterly AICP membership paid-through date after the change in status is approved. So if an AICP member petitions to temporarily inactivate his or her AICP membership and the request is approved in February, the effective date of the change would be March 31 — the next paid-through date following the approval.

Inactive members shall not use the AICP credential in any way and shall continue to abide by the AICP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. Any inactive member applying for reinstatement who does not meet this standard will be denied reinstatement. Temporarily inactive AICP members must reactivate their AICP membership within four years of the paid-through date on which their AICP membership was designated as inactive. AICP members who have been granted temporarily inactive AICP membership will not be required to pay AICP dues while the membership is inactive, though they must remain members of APA and pay APA national and chapter dues.

The current two-year Certification Maintenance reporting period will be closed upon approval of temporary inactive AICP membership. A new two-year reporting period will be assigned upon reinstatement of AICP membership. Please note: CM credits will not carry over from the closed two-year reporting period.

Certification Maintenance requirements are excused during the period in which AICP membership is inactive. See the CM section of the APA website for details.

Upon reinstating membership inactive AICP members must:

  1. Pay 20 percent of back membership dues owed during the inactive period
  2. Sign an ethics statement verifying that you did not violate the Code of Ethics or use the AICP designation while inactive
  3. Pay current year AICP member dues

Members who are granted inactive membership status and fail to pay their APA national and chapter dues on an annual basis will lose their inactive status. If the membership is inactive for more than four years from the last paid-through date, he or she must retest to rejoin AICP and regain the AICP credential. Members who are granted the inactive membership status and fail to pay their APA national and chapter dues have up to four years to reinstate their membership.

Reinstatement After the Four-Year Window

AICP members who wish to reinstate after four years of their AICP membership lapse date must either retake the AICP exam or appeal to the AICP Membership Standards Committee in cases of provable extreme hardship or documented administrative error.

Grounds for Appeal:

  1. Extreme Hardship: The inability to pay basic and reasonable living expenses. Factors that may determine extreme hardship may include financial hardship such as unemployment. Other factors that may determine an extreme hardship may be physical health, mental health, or a medical situation that has affected the member's life or the lives of others in his or her family.
  2. Administrative Error: Data processing errors such as incorrect data entry information, incorrect computer programming, or data analysis error on behalf of APA

To submit an appeal:

1. Download and complete the AICP Membership Reinstatement Appeal Form

2. Send completed form to

Decisions on appeals are subject to concurrence by the AICP Commission. If an appeal is approved, regardless of how long a member has been lapsed, the reinstated member will be required to pay AICP dues for no more than four years of membership and document earned CM credits for no more than the same four years.

Definitions of Terms Used Throughout

Exemptions: See the Certification Maintenance Exemptions page for information on permanent or temporary exemptions from Certification Maintenance requirements. Examples include unemployment, retirement, foreign practice, parental leave, military service, personal health, or care of others.

Membership Lapse Date: If a member lapses due to the nonpayment of dues, the AICP membership lapse date will be the paid-through date. If a member lapsed due to noncompliance with CM, the AICP membership lapse date will be the last day of the two-year CM reporting period (e.g. December 31), not the last day of the four-month grace period.

Membership Dues Paid-Through Date: One of four dates each year that are the last day of APA and AICP member and subscriber service periods. The four dates are March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31. Any member or subscriber who fails to fully renew by this last day of their service period loses all member and subscriber benefits, including access to member and subscriber areas of the APA website and the AICP CM log.

Retired: A member who meets all of the following criteria may apply to change his/her APA membership type to "Retired":

  1. Has been a member in good standing continuously for at least 10 years.
  2. Is at least 65 years of age.
  3. Does not engage in any profession, business, or trade (this excludes part-time nonplanning or nonprofessional work). Planners practicing part time or who were retired and return to the workforce no longer meet this criterion. Please note: This excludes part-time nonplanning or nonprofessional work.

This status qualifies members for reduced dues. An AICP member who qualifies as retired by these criteria is also exempt from CM requirements. Some members who qualify as retired may have their APA membership type changed to "Life" after they have been continuous members for 25 years. These members are also exempt from CM requirements. See the Certification Maintenance Exemptions page for more information.