Every year, APA's professional institute, the American Institute of Certified Planners, honors AICP Outstanding Students and recognizes outstanding student projects or papers with AICP Student Project Awards.

The Student Representatives Council gives an annual award to APA's Outstanding Planning Student Organization.

AICP Outstanding Student Awards

The AICP Outstanding Student Awards recognizes outstanding attainment in the study of planning by students graduating from Planning Accreditation Board–accredited planning programs (one at the undergraduate level and one at the graduate level, if applicable) during the academic year of the award. Each respective planning program convenes a jury to make the selection(s) and schedules the award presentation(s) at their respective school(s).

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AICP Student Project Awards

The AICP Student Project Awards recognize outstanding class projects or papers by a student or group of students in Planning Accreditation Board-accredited planning programs that contribute to advances in the field of planning.

This awards program is intended to recognize exceptional work by the student(s). While it is appropriate to submit a project or paper on which a faculty member(s) has given guidance, the submission should be primarily the work of the students.

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Outstanding Planning Student Organization (PSO) Awards

Planning Student Organizations (PSOs) throughout the country are involved in exciting and creative activities that enliven student life, contribute to their communities, and provide enhanced educational experiences for the students. This awards program provides a means for student groups to share their ideas, learn from one another, and receive recognition for creative, successful activities. Awards will include monetary contributions from APA to fund PSO activities.

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Student Design Competition

Co-sponsored by the APA Divisions Council and APA Student Representatives Council, the annual Student Design Competition takes place in conjunction with the National Planning Conference. Student teams are selected to compete in person at the conference. Topics are chosen each year.

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