Are You Eligible?

AICP Eligibility Pre-Check

Use these resources to self-assess and prepare for each step on the path to earning your AICP Certification.

AICP Certification Guide

This guide contains valuable information about the One Path to AICP certification.

Experience Assessment Template

Prepare and review your responses prior to submitting the assessment in Step 3 of One Path.

Experience Worksheet

Wondering if your experience qualifies as professional planning? Find out here.

Interactive Experience Calculator

Total up your years of professional planning experience to see how soon you can submit your Planning Experience Assessment.

Planning Curriculum Worksheet

Determine if a degree from a program not accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board is considered a planning degree for purposes of AICP Certification.

Watch the One Path to AICP overview webinar presented by AICP president, Karen Wolf, FAICP. Questions and answers from the live version of the webinar are included in our FAQ.

One Path to AICP Presentation

Certification Support

Line up financial support from your employer or through the Certification Diversity Scholarship before you begin.

Employer Support

Does your employer support their employees' professional advancement by paying for some or all of the costs associated with earning certification? When asking your employer for assistance, use this helpful flyer with information to support your request.

Certification Diversity Scholarship

The American Planning Association is committed to providing opportunities for all to achieve excellence in planning by fostering equity, diversity, and inclusion in the organization and in the planning profession. Domestic and international members can apply for the AICP Certification Diversity Scholarship.


AICP Certification Eligibility Requirements

The One Path to AICP Certification offers APA members a streamlined, three-step process to become AICP certified. Planners can begin the certification process at any point in their professional planning careers, including students.

Step 1: Register for the certification program when prepared to test and schedule your exam.

Step 2: Test and earn the AICP Candidate designation when you pass.

Step 3: Apply your education, employment, and experience to meet the AICP professional planning practice requirements and achieve AICP Certification.

Education1 Required Years of Professional Planning Experience
Graduate degree (Master's or Doctoral) in planning from a PAB-accredited program2 2
Bachelor's degree in planning from a PAB-accredited program2 3
Graduate degree in planning from a program not accredited by the PAB3 3
Any other graduate or undergraduate degree (including Associate degree) 4
No college degree/no degree information provided 8

*Education Details

  1. The degree may be obtained before, during, or after planning experience is obtained.
  2. Accredited degrees have been determined by the Planning Accreditation Board to meet standards approved by the American Institute of Certified Planners and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning. AICP gives educational credit to applicants holding these degrees if the degree was received (1) during the period the university has been accredited (or previously recognized), and (2) by the time that an application for membership is filed. If you are unsure about the status of your planning degree, consult the Planning Accreditation Board's list or contact AICP.
  3. Use the Planning Curriculum Worksheet to determine whether a graduate degree qualifies as a planning degree.