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PAS QuickNotes No. 67

Annexation is the primary means by which cities expand their boundaries. While annexation can facilitate orderly growth and development, it can also be a controversial and politically contentious process. The latest edition of PAS QuickNotes summarizes the reasons for annexing territory and introduces several key considerations for any annexation study.

Planning and Fair Housing

PAS QuickNotes No. 66

The concept of "fair housing" in the United States is rooted in the federal Fair Housing Act. This law prohibits discrimination in the selling, renting, ad financing of housing. It also requires state and local governments to take actions to promote diverse, inclusive communities. While the Fair Housing Act does not preempt local planning or zoning, some common land-use planning and zoning techniques are incompatible with fair housing goals. This edition of PAS QuickNotes provides an overview of local obligations under federal law and highlights three specific strategies for expanding fair housing access through local land-use policy.

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