PAS QuickNotes (QN) are plain-English briefing papers that explain planning basics for public officials and engaged citizens. Each QN offers a concise overview of a timely planning topic, plus links to more resources for further reading. APA members and PAS subscribers have access to all PAS QuickNotes in the QN Archive.

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Making Space for Tiny Houses

PAS QuickNotes No. 68

Tiny houses are attracting a lot of attention through social media, television shows, documentaries, and stories in the popular press. Advocates often tout the affordability and environmental friendliness of living in very small homes. Meanwhile, skeptics and detractors see a passing fad and caution against embracing tiny houses as a distinct type of dwelling. This edition of PAS QuickNotes describes different types of tiny houses and explains how land-use and development regulations affect tiny house living.


PAS QuickNotes No. 67

Annexation is the primary means by which cities expand their boundaries. While annexation can facilitate orderly growth and development, it can also be a controversial and politically contentious process. The latest edition of PAS QuickNotes summarizes the reasons for annexing territory and introduces several key considerations for any annexation study.

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