2012 National Planning Excellence Awards: Planning Advocate

Gov. Martin O'Malley: Reinvigorating Smart Growth in Maryland


Gov. Martin O'Malley has continued the legacy of planning innovation in Baltimore that started nearly 50 years ago. Concerned that homes were being built on state farmland and forest land far quicker than the rate of population growth, O'Malley developed a multi-pronged approach to promote smarter growth in Maryland.

Among the many highlights achieved during his tenure, O'Malley has signed into law provisions that require a jurisdiction's zoning to be consistent with its comprehensive plan; championed two light rail Metro projects; helped establish a public-private partnership to redevelop a 50-year-old complex of state offices; and created Maryland's first ever state-wide development plan, PlanMaryland, to help strengthen older communities, build sustainable new places inside growth areas, and preserve resource land.