2013 Daniel Burnham Award for a Comprehensive Plan

2040 Comprehensive Regional Plan: A Vision for Northwest Indiana

Lake, Porter and LaPorte Counties, Indiana

The Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission's (NIRPC) 2040 Comprehensive Regional Plan (CRP) represents the first broad planning initiative covering the counties of Lake, Porter and LaPorte. The CRP focuses on a variety of issues including transportation, land use, human and economic resources, and environmental policy objectives. The objective is to offer residents more transportation choices, and making the cities more sustainable and livable.

Cultivating community consensus and togetherness, the CRP planning process brought together citizens and stakeholders to gather input and ensure that the recommendations identified in the plan were realistic and implementable. This included targeted outreach and engagement among those not typically involved in the planning process.

Capacity expansion transportation projects in Northwest Indiana selected for inclusion in the NIRPC 2040 CRP.