2014 National Planning Excellence Awards: Planning Landmark

Royal Town Planning Institute

United Kingdom

In the UK, the Town Planning Institute, the predecessor organization to the Royal Town Planning Institute was established and focused on three goals: advancing the study of town-planning; promoting the artistic and scientific development of towns and cities; and promoting the interests of those engaged in town planning. In 1914, Thomas Adams was the first president. He was active in both North America and Great Britain. He also played a pivotal role in the creation of the Regional Plan for New York and Its Environs, issues in 1929.

This year marks RTPI's Centenary. The organization has more than 23,000 members, including more than 1,000 members in 82 countries. RTPI is using the anniversary as a way to revisit its history and raise the profile of planning. Activities, classroom visits, white papers and podcasts are part of the year-long celebration. The Future Planners initiative focuses on bring planning into the classroom, to inspire the next generation of planners. More than 100 RTPI members will be visiting schools in the UK and Ireland, introducing planning. RTPI has elevated the standards of ethical planning practice, and sponsored generations of pro bono services that exemplify the passion and commitment to excellence that inspires community builders in the UK and throughout the world.