2014 National Planning Excellence Awards: Planning Agency

Tallahassee – Leon County Planning Department

Tallahassee, Florida

As a partnership between the City of Tallahassee and Leon County, Florida, the Tallahassee – Leon County Planning Department (TLCPD) has created dynamic planning programs that benefit the whole community and encourage coordination with and assistance to stakeholders. TLCPD has produced plans that focus on mobility, placemaking, and greenways. Their plans have converted areas struggling with redevelopment and functionality issues into pleasing public spaces that engage citizens and support local businesses.

TLCPD recognizes the value of creating a "culture of community," welcoming and implementing citizen input. The department actively recruits citizens for citizen advisory committees, work groups, and focus groups. TLCPD's newly formed design studio, DesignWorks, offers free of charge, high-level technical assistance on urban design and site design for local property owners.

The people behind the programs of TLCPD. Pictured are the Comprehensive Planning, DesignWorks, Land Use, and Research divisions.