5 Reasons to Join APA for Planners' Day

Planners Rally for Federal Zoning Reforms

As bipartisan action on zoning reform grows at the federal level, planners across the country are joining the conversation to advocate for reforms that empower planning-led progress on housing solutions.

On June 12, APA invites all planning advocates to join us online for Planners' Day on Capitol Hill. This is a unique opportunity to sharpen your advocacy and communication skills, meet one-on-one with members of Congress, and explain why your community needs federal support for housing and zoning reform.

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Make Your Voice Heard at Planners' Day on Capitol Hill


Empower Your Voice at Planners' Day

Why should you register for Planners' Day? Here are five reasons to make your voice heard on June 12.

1. Exclusive advocacy training

By signing up for Planners' Day, you will gain access to five exclusive advocacy training sessions to complete at your own pace.

Each session provides tailored training to help develop your unique voice, learn how to communicate the critical role of planners in zoning reform efforts, and get tips on how to identify stories from your community that can help shape public policy at the federal, state, and local levels.

You'll also receive guidance on the latest pro-planning and pro-reform federal legislation from subject matter experts, including free access to a webinar later this fall which will break down election results and what it means for planning.

2. Relationship building opportunities

Your registration secures you access to at least one congressional meeting. This serves as an opportunity to build relationships with elected leaders and champion the planning profession, as well as the role of planning in your community and state.

Planners' Day is also a unique space to connect with other planners like you. Hear inspiration from advocates and partners working alongside planners to produce diverse, equitable, and attainable housing nationwide. Network professional connections that will last long after Planners' Day is done.

3. Tell YOUR community's story

Planners know that zoning reform is not one-size-fits-all. Congress needs to hear from YOU as an on-the-ground expert to understand the unique needs and housing challenges your communities are facing.

How have planners already been moving forward with housing solutions? What federal tools and support do you need to continue doing this work? Planners' Day is your chance to shine a spotlight on the communities you serve and secure federal action that makes a local impact.


4. Accessible, Convenient, No Stress Advocacy

As an online advocacy event, Planners' Day is more accessible than ever before. APA will do all the work of coordinating your meetings, sharing the messages and guidance you need for a successful meeting, and bringing Capitol Hill to your desk — all you need to do is log on!

All training can be completed online at your own pace, and resources are made available for future reference. What better way to bring your community to federal attention than hosting a meeting directly from your home and neighborhood?

5. Secure federal support for housing and zoning reform!

With federal support, planners can enable reforms that meet communities where they are to increase housing choice, lower housing costs, bolster local economies, address inequities, and connect people to opportunity.

By sharing your story at Planners' Day, you make the need for federal support tangible, and in turn, have the power to help influence federal policy and demonstrate that planning leads to positive housing outcomes.


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Join us for Planners' Day

What do you need? Bring your data-driven insights, on-the-ground expertise, and community impact stories.

You can be a part of the wave of progress and raise your voice for the policies and programs your community needs most.

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May 8, 2024

By Brenna Donegan