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About Civic Blueprint

At Civic Blueprint , we are passionate about positively impacting communities through land use regulations, urban design, and development standards. Civic Blueprint works on a variety of projects relevant to land development coding, urban design, and creation of standards for public and private clients.

We have a deep understanding of what works in the real world. We are not just authors and administrators of development ordinances — we are also applicants that must comply with them. This unique perspective allows us to anticipate potential conflicts and create ordinances that are clear, concise, and consistent. We create ordinances that are tested against potential developments to avoid internal conflicts that unnecessarily complicate development review.

We are committed to striking a balance between protecting the character of communities, shaping new developments based on site context, and removing barriers to economic development. Our ordinances are comprehensive, well-organized, and written in plain English with graphics to make regulatory requirements easy to understand.

Our experience in the development community allows us to create ordinances addressing current needs while anticipating future trends. We provide tools for common sense flexibility of standards and guidance on the process for regular refinements to the ordinance to keep it future-focused.

At Civic Blueprint, we are proud of our reputation for excellence and our commitment to create ordinances that truly make a difference. Let us help you navigate the complexities of land regulations with confidence.

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Regions Served
Midwest   •   Southeast
Planning Specialties
Community or Neighborhood Development   •   Housing Policy, Design, or Implementation   •   Land-Use and Development Regulation and Zoning   •   Mixed-Use Development Planning   •   Streetscape/Corridor Improvements and Beautification   •   Visioning and Placemaking
Services Offered
Code Writing   •   On-Call Planning Services   •   Urban Design Services   •   Zoning Administration/Development Services