About Market-Economics

Market-Economics offers a wide variety of resources and services to its clients including economic and real estate market research (commercial and residential) and financial risk analyses. The firm accesses state-of-the-art in data management and in data mining tools combined with ARC Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for locational analysis with the use of certified drone aerial surveys. Precision business trend analysis is accomplished by forecasting and small-area analyses using NAICS Codes to translate functional business definitions. Strong background in real estate and economic development provides expertise for market and feasibility studies combined with business surveys. The staff comprises minorities and women who present valuable insights and perspectives.


1126 Bay Ridge Road
Annapolis, MD 21401-4327



Regions Served
Planning Specialties
Community or Neighborhood Development   •   Downtowns and Main Streets   •   Economic Development and Revitalization   •   Feasibility Studies   •   Fiscal Impact Analysis   •   Housing Policy, Design, or Implementation   •   Land-Use and Development Regulation and Zoning
Services Offered
Community Engagement   •   On-Call Planning Services   •   Research and Analysis
Business Certification
Minority Owned