Broadband Infrastructure Study

Johnson County Planning, Development and Sustainability

Johnson County, IA

Seeking a qualified engineering and/or consulting firm to develop a detailed, technical, and actionable broadband analysis for the entire county with geographic emphasis on the county’s unincorporated areas, including identified rural economic development areas and villages, and the smaller towns.

The following is the schedule for the proposal submission and selection process (deadlines are end-of-day Central Time (CT) unless otherwise indicated):

Date RFP issued — November 15, 2021

Deadline for firms to submit questions — December 1, 2021

Answers posted to questions — December 15, 2021

Proposals submittal deadline — 5 p.m. CT January 14, 2022

Notification to firms no earlier than — February 15, 2022

Please visit for the link to the RFP.

Request Type
Friday, January 14, 2022