Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations Update

City of Westmoreland

Westmoreland, TN

The City of Westmoreland seeks to update its development regulations, including the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision regulations to:

  • Accommodate current and future growth;
  • Provide clear and predictable standards for future development and redevelopment;

The update will include a general modernization of the Zoning Ordinance to provide clarity, improve overall functionality and achieve greater sensitivity to the fabric and character of the City. The update will focus on portions of the Zoning Ordinance that are either deficient, outdated, overly complex, inconsistent with federal or state zoning laws, or that otherwise unnecessarily inhibit desired development. The update will include both major and minor editing of the existing code and subdivision language as well as original authoring of new provisions.

Scope of Services

The City envisions completing this project within 9 months from the initial startup date. The project is described in two phases, both requiring expedited completion dates to be established in conjunction with selected consultant:

Phase I

Evaluation Phase: Conduct an analysis of the existing subdivision regulations and the Zoning Ordinance. This will include stakeholder interviews with:

  • Mayor and City Council Members
  • Planning Commission Members
  • Community stakeholders

The final deliverable will be an assessment of the current development regulations and Zoning Ordinance, a description of necessary improvements/updates, estimated costs to make the revisions/changes, and proposed timeline to complete.

Phase II

Implementation Phase: Develop the documents suggested under Phase 1 incorporating policies outlined in the final adopted version of the City's Comprehensive Plan and consistent with Federal and State requirements.

  • Updates to Zoning Ordinance
  • Updates to Subdivision Regulations
  • Development of standardized technical drawings, details, and cross sections Final Deliverables:
  • Updated Zoning Ordinance
  • Updated Subdivision Regulations
  • 3-5 stakeholder meetings
    • 1-3 presentations to stakeholder committee
    • 1 presentation to Planning Commission
    • 1 presentation to City Council

Proposal Requirements

At the sole discretion of the City of Westmoreland, a proposal may be eliminated from consideration if, among other things, it fails to contain each of the following provisions or fails to provide a justification satisfactory to the City for excluding any of the following provisions:

A. Consultant

Identification of the prospective consultant firm (“Prospective Consultant”), including the name of the firm submitting the proposal, its mailing address, telephone number, email, and contract person for the proposal.

B. Management

Identification by name of the lead personnel the Prospective Consultant proposes to assign to the project. Contract terms will not permit substitution of lead personnel without prior written approval of the City

C. Personnel

For each individual the Prospective Consultant proposes to assign to the project (excluding administrative support), the proposal must provide a summary of similar work or projects performed, a resume, and a statement indicating their planned responsibilities under the contract. Any limiting factors on the availability of these individuals should be identified. Individuals assigned to the project must have experience and expertise in developing architectural, engineering, and/or zoning related documents. The proposal must provide a list of any outstanding litigation in which the Prospective Consultant, or related entity or affiliate, is a named party.

D. Related Experiences

Prospective Consultant shall provide the City of Westmoreland with a listing of similar development related services described in this RFP. Specifically, the list must include three examples of projects in which the Prospective Consultant was responsible for the oversight of development related documents. The listing should include:

  1. Title of the project
  2. Name of the entity for which the project was prepared
  3. Brief description of the project
  4. Name and telephone number of the entity's contracting officer

By furnishing this information, the Prospective Consultant gives permission to the City of Westmoreland to contact these entities regarding the Prospective Consultant's past performance. If the Prospective Consultant is newly organized, a listing of projects completed by lead personnel during previous employment may be acceptable. If the Prospective Consultant is a joint venture, the experience of the joint ventures may be combined.

Specifically a written statement illustrating an in depth knowledge with Tennessee planning enabling legislation and relevant municipal authority from the TN Code Annotated is a critical component of any submittal.

E. Subcontracts

The Prospective Consultant must list any prospective subcontractors it plans to use in performing work, including a listing of the individuals the subcontractor proposes to assign to the project, in accordance with subparagraphs B & C of Proposal Requirements. The City of Westmoreland, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to reject subcontractors listed by the Proposed Contractor.

F. Methodology

The proposal shall include a description of the Prospective Consultant's overall approach to providing the services described in the Scope of Services. Additionally, the proposal must include a specific project approach that includes the following:

  1. A statement describing the proposed contractor's relevant experience in community and stakeholder engagement that demonstrates the ability to accomplish the Scope of Services described in this RFP.
  2. Specific steps the Prospective Consultant will take to provide the services for each of the phases described in the Scope of Services.
  3. Each proposal should identify the specific approach to be used in completing each project phase; a proposed time schedule for the completion of each phase; specific methods to be used for completing each phase; anticipated public outreach methodologies in each phase; and planned resources allocated to each phase, including sub‐contractors to be used.
  4. The approaches to be used to monitor timelines, performance, and costs.

G. Other Contents of Proposal

The Prospective Consultant may include any relevant information and pertinent exhibits in the proposal. Proposals should be prepared in such a way as to provide a straightforward, concise delineation of capabilities to satisfy the requirements of this RFP. Emphasis should be on conformance to the instructions and responsiveness to the requirements described herein, and on completeness and clarity of content.

Reference Materials:

City's Comprehensive Plan


City's Zoning Ordinanc


City's Subdivision Regulations


Submission of Proposals

Proposals are due no later than 4 PM on 1/10/2022

Submit electronic copies to:


Or mail paper copies to:

P.O. Box 8
1001 Park Street
Westmoreland, TN 37186
Attn: John Leath, Industrial Board Chairman

Any questions shall be submitted via email to Keshia.troutt@westmorelandtn.gov.

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Monday, January 10, 2022

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