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New Submission Deadline: Friday, December 17, 2021 at 5pm

All design work shall be performed under and be approved by an architect or engineer licensed in the State of California. A certified asbestos consultant may be required to be part of the team, should specific conditions dictate the need. Contractor shall provide professional environmental services on an as-needed basis for a retainer contract. The services shall include, but may not be limited to:

The Environmental Services Unit is interested in securing the services of an environmental services consultant team that can provide a wide range of expertise in Evaluating and designing watershed, stream environment zone (SEZ) restoration/enhancement, storm water, wetlands, wildlife, transportation, public access and recreation projects, facilities, and programs; Providing land surveying and geotechnical investigation expertise; Providing landscape imaging and analysis services such as aerial photographs, vegetation monitoring, and topographic data through the use of tools such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs); Identifying, preparing and submitting regulatory permit applications; Providing expertise in the preparation and/or review of re-vegetation plans and specifications; Evaluating and supporting land tenure needs, by preparing and reviewing documents such as legal descriptions. records of survey, and parcel maps; Preparing feasibility analyses, schematic plans, conceptual plans, and master plans; Developing visual simulations and renderings for communication and permitting efforts; Preparing studies and designs for existing and new utility infrastructure facilities; Preparing plans and specifications stamped by the appropriately licensed California professional suitable for construction of public project improvements; Providing construction oversight and inspection services; Coordinating project technical reviews by local, regional, state, and federal agencies; Reviewing plans and specifications for proposed projects, including evaluating projects for consistency with agency program objectives and requirements, assisting agency staff with technical reviews, and providing supporting written commentary; Providing assistance in the development and implementation of monitoring programs for various needs such as to evaluating project effectiveness or regulatory compliance; Preparing interpretative display and public access signage; Assisting with public involvement and community outreach efforts; Conducting community surveys of recreational demand and needs assessments; and Providing general landscape architectural assistance and expertise.

The boundaries of the area within which services shall be provided include the portions of the City of South Lake Tahoe and the El Dorado and Placer Counties that occur within the watershed of the California side of the Lake Tahoe Basin, areas within the Basin that have joint responsibility of both California and Nevada, and the remainder of the Truckee River watershed from the outlet of Lake Tahoe to the California border. The latter area includes all of the area within the tributaries of the lower Truckee River, some of which are in Nevada County.

The majority of the services provided under this contract will be for the California Tahoe Conservancy (Conservancy). The Conservancy is a State agency that purchases and restores environmentally sensitive lands in the Lake Tahoe Basin, and undertakes either directly or through local assistance grants wetland/watershed restoration, erosion control, wildlife enhancement, public access and recreation projects. These projects may include the Conservancy's own land, or other public or private lands. The contractor will work under the direction of the environmental planning and construction management staff of RESD, and with the respective representatives from the California Tahoe Conservancy. The retainer contract may also be used for projects of other State agencies within the geographical boundaries described above.


Each Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) should clearly delineate and address the contractor's relevant experience in environmental, civil, and structural engineering and landscape architecture with emphasis on the list of potential services above. Knowledge, experience and expertise that is of importance in the selection of the respective consultant team firms includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

Engineering Services: Contract requires licensed professional engineers (current California registration) with experience in civil, structural, hydrology, environmental, geotechnical, or related fields. Firms should have experience in design and construction of storm water, recreation, and watershed restoration projects, including the preparation and oversight of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans. Firms should have a thorough understanding of the principles of storm water design, groundwater movement, geomorphology, and fluvial processes. Firms should have the ability to (1) accurately calculate channel flows and runoff from developed and undeveloped lands; (2) design open channels, vegetated swales, storm drains, and culverts; and (3) conduct hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, including flood analysis. Firms should also have experience in 1) conceptual design, estimating, preparation of technical studies and final design of plans and specifications for on-land recreational facilities (e.g., shared-use trails, day use facilities, and beaches) 2) assessment and design of retrofits of facilities to meet requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act, and 3) design, permitting, construction or demolition of on-water facilities, such as piers and revetments. Firms should also have experience in designing, permitting, and undertaking restoration and recreation projects located in urban and environmentally sensitive areas, such as wetlands, streams, meadows, and shorelines.

Firms should have experience with design and construction oversight of projects using non-mechanical water quality treatments such as wetlands, meadows, vegetated water quality treatment basins, vegetated channels, and biotechnical and vegetative slope stabilization. Firms should also have experience in environmental engineering and bioengineering techniques and construction oversight for channel, slope and shoreline stabilization, and the restoration of streams, wetlands, and other riparian environments. Firms should have experience in designing projects at high elevations where freeze/thaw, heavy snow loads, and snow removal conditions exist. Firms should be able to demonstrate experience with projects and engineering services in settings typical of the Lake Tahoe and Truckee River watersheds.

Restoration Planning: The firm should be able to provide related expertise for the non-engineering aspects of storm water and watershed planning. These elements include, but are not limited to, development of revegetation plans and specifications, development of projects that meet local visual compatibility goals, and understanding of the relationship of the project to critical natural resources. The consultant team should be familiar with the visual assessment requirements of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. The firm should have expertise in channel bank and shoreline vegetation and other bioengineering treatments (willow mattresses, stacked sod, log structures and rootwads) effectiveness and success.

Landscape Architectural Services — The contract requires a licensed professional landscape architect (current California registration) with experience in public access, recreation, environmental restoration, or related fields. The consultant team should have the capability to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the principles of landscape design, site development, environmental restoration, water and energy conservation, and high elevation site conditions. Experience in design and development of shared-use and hiking trails as well as interpretative displays, exhibits, and signage is also important. The team should be familiar with the requirements for soil preparation, plant selection, plant maintenance, fertilization, and irrigation in the setting of the Lake Tahoe Basin and Truckee River Watersheds.

Water Quality Planning: The team should be able to design and/or provide evaluation of projects that involve integrated water quality improvements and other environmental benefits. The firm should have expertise in the development and implementation of monitoring programs to meet regulatory compliance and to evaluate the effectiveness of water quality improvement and watershed restoration projects. The team should also have the resources to provide water quality testing and analysis.

Geotechnical Assessment: The consultant team should have the capability of providing a full range of geotechnical services necessary to assess, plan, and construct projects.

Infrastructure Assessment: The consultant team should have the capability to assess and design related public infrastructure improvements such as storm and sewer drainage systems; streets and highways; other public utilities; and provide needed structural assessments and designs of existing facilities, such as bridges, dams, and revetments.

Knowledge of the Lake Tahoe Area/Truckee River Watershed: The consultant team shall demonstrate knowledge of and expertise in the Lake Tahoe Basin, its environment, and the relevant concerns of the communities and regulatory agencies. The contractor may provide assistance in community presentations and assessment of a project's consistency with local planning standards.

Knowledge of Permitting and Regulatory Processes: The consultant team shall demonstrate knowledge of and expertise in complying with Tahoe basin regulations as demonstrated by securing project permits from the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board, Army Corps of Engineers, Placer, El Dorado and/or Nevada counties, and other relevant public agencies in the Lake Tahoe Basin. The consultant team shall also demonstrate knowledge in the assessment of construction project risk and regulatory approvals necessary for different restoration approaches (i.e. new channel construction vs. in channel construction).

Boundary and Topographic Surveys: The consultant team shall include a currently licensed Professional Land Surveyor or Registered Civil Engineer who obtained their license before January 1, 1982. The consultant team shall have the ability to conduct terrestrial and marine boundary and topographic surveys, provide legal descriptions, prepare parcel maps, records of survey, corner cards, and site and topographic maps. The consultant team shall demonstrate knowledge and experience conducting such surveys in the Lake Tahoe Area. All survey and spatial data, including metadata, produced under this contract should be compatible with or be convertible to interface with ArcGIS.

Environmental Due Diligence: The consultant should demonstrate expertise and experience in the preparation of environmental due diligence studies and investigations, including but not limited to, preliminary site assessments (I-III), remediation plans, soil and water quality assessment, permitting/regulatory review, and remediation planning.

Adaption to Existing Conditions — The consultant team should have experience in planning and implementing recreational and public access projects in a manner that minimizes disturbance to the existing setting, or involves the use of adapted facilities.

American with Disabilities Act (ADA) — The consultant team should have the capability, consistent with the skills of a certified access specialist (CASp), to assess, plan and design ADA compliant recreational facilities.

Recreational Surveys and Studies — The consultant team shall have experience in developing and implementing recreational user surveys, as well as preparation of feasibility studies for new or renovated facilities. The team should be familiar with the techniques for assessing user demand for new or renovated recreational facilities in a manner consistent with the protocols of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.

The estimated retainer contract value is $ 5,000,000.00. The estimated duration of this contract will be five years.

Interested firms may view the RFQ on the California eProcure website (California State Contracts Register — CSCR). Website link to the California eProcure website.

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All technical questions should be directed to Stephanie Coleman, Senior Environmental Planner, at 916-376-1602, or stephanie.coleman@dgs.ca.gov.

All contract related questions and questions regarding the submission of RFQs should be directed to

Therese Dominguez, Contracts Analyst at 916-376-1758, or therese.dominguez@dgs.ca.gov.

Hard copy Statements of Qualifications (SOQs) must be submitted by the deadline at the location below. Additional information for submitting SOQs electronically on DGS' Box.com is contained in the RFQ document.

Hard Copy Submittal Deadline: Friday, December 17, 2021, at 5:00 P.M.

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