Comprehensive Plan Update

City of Bellaire

Bellaire, TX

The City has a population of 17,202 and is located on both sides of Interstate 610's West Loop between Interstate 69 and Beechnut Street. The City is unique in that it is an enclave city surrounded by the City of Houston and the City of West University Place. The City consists mainly of high-quality residential development with some commercial uses along major corridors.

A true Comprehensive Plan (Plan) update was last completed in 2015, and a relatively minor amendment to the Plan was completed in 2017. Given that eight years have passed since the last amendment and that addressing related zoning and development issues has been identified as a City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission priority, the Plan is due for an update. While key demographic information will need to be updated to reflect the 2020 Census results, it is anticipated that the Plan update will be largely focused on Chapters 2, 5, and 6 (Land Use & Community Character, Commercial Area Development & Enhancement, and Implementation).

Most formal discussion of the Plan update has resulted in the conclusion that the residential areas and zoning districts in the City do not need urgent attention, but the commercial areas and zoning districts do. Therefore, it is expected that the update will focus on the commercial areas and zoning districts and how they can be updated and better reflected in the zoning ordinance. This will involve input from the public in the form of public meetings, online participation, and targeted input from stakeholder groups.

The scope of work will include facilitating needed public participation; updating outdated information (demographics, etc.); a strong focus on Chapters 2, 5, and 6 as it relates to commercial areas and zoning districts; and specific recommendations for how the commercial areas and zoning districts can be improved, specifically the Urban Village Transit Oriented Development, Urban Village Downtown, and Corridor Mixed Use districts. Additionally, it is expected that the firm will provide a timeline for assisting the City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission with reviewing the Plan and zoning districts as described above.

Specifics regarding deliverables will be established in the contract, but deliverables will include a number of hard copies and digital copies, including editable digital copies.

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