Transportation Demand Management and Shared Parking

City of San Carlos

San Carlos, CA

This RFP includes two implementation projects to achieve citywide objectives related to mitigating traffic congestion and addressing parking demand throughout the city. The projects in this RFP will help maximize the City's ability to reduce traffic congestion and improve circulation and mobility through the development and adoption of an updated citywide Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program and a Shared Parking Strategy. In order for this work to be successful, it is critically important for the City to collaborate and partner with local employers, schools and transportation providers to implement shared parking programs and TDM measures.

For the TDM program and the Shared Parking Strategy, the City desires a citywide approach and a customized approach for specific geographic subareas within the city. Through the implementation of the recommendations that are developed through this RFP, San Carlos will be better positioned to mitigate future traffic congestion, address future parking demand and improve overall circulation and mobility in the city.

The selected Consultant team will complete the following projects:

  1. Update the City's existing TDM program by developing a stronger set of policies and programs that go beyond existing local and regional requirements. The approach should expand upon the City's existing policies and programs, exceed current regional minimum requirements, and create new requirements that are applied citywide and further customized and tailored for specific geographic subareas.
  2. Develop a Shared Parking Strategy to create "park-once" districts throughout the city. "Park-once" districts will encourage people conducting multiple trips to use only one parking space and ensure public parking is available at key nodes. The strategy will include citywide requirements as well as requirements that are tailored to specific geographic subareas within the city.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2023