Sidewalk Feasibilility Study

Town of North Elba

Lake Placid, NY

The purpose of this Study is to assess the feasibility of installing a concrete sidewalk on WesValley Road in Lake Placid and North Elba, NY, and to create a realistic concept plan that takes physical, fiscal, and contextual constraints into consideration to improve pedestrian access and safety.

WesValley Road is an approximately 1-mile road that connects a residential neighborhood to important community resources such as Main Street, grocery stores and pharmacies, and the Lake Placid Middle/High School. Pedestrian safety has been a long-standing concern, and local officials foresee pedestrian traffic increasing with the installation of two new housing projects on the road.

The project is located within both the Village of Lake Placid and the surrounding Town of North Elba. The Consultant will have to coordinate with representatives from North Elba and Lake Placid, including representatives from both the Town of North Elba Highway Department and the Village of Lake Placid Department of Public Works. The proposed sidewalk will be concrete and ideally a minimum of 6.5 feet wide in order to accommodate current maintenance processes. The final deliverables will include a Feasibility Report, a Concept Plan, and cost estimates.


Questions & Answers will be posted under "Announcements" on the North Elba/Lake Placid website homepage at most 3 business days after the October 13 deadline.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2023