Judith McManus Price Scholarship Winners

Women and minority (African American, Hispanic American, or Native American) students enrolled in an approved Planning Accreditation Board (PAB) planning program who are citizens of the United States, intend to pursue careers as practicing planners in the public sector, and are able to demonstrate a genuine financial need are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

APA congratulates the following recipients of the Judith McManus Price Scholarship.


Georgia Institute of Technology

Jasmine Jones-Bynes

Jasmine Jones-Bynes is a current graduate student at the Georgia Institute of Technology Master in City and Regional Planning program. She is passionate about the built environment’s influence on public health and will be working on active transportation and parks and recreation challenges.

University of Illinois at Chicago

Kim Lovely

Kim Lovely is a current graduate student at the University of Illinois, Chicago Master of Urban Planning and Public Policy program. She will focus on making communities better for low-income and underserved populations.

University of California, Berkeley

Lily MacIver

Lily MacIver is a current graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley Master of City Planning program. She will be continuing her work exploring innovative planning interventions to reduce air pollution exposure.

Harvard University

Henna Mahmood

Henna Mahmood is a current graduate student at the Harvard University Master in Urban Planning program. She is studying urban analytics and international planning with plans to pursue a career in building global city resilience.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Kenyatta McLean

Kenyatta McLean is a current graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Master in City Planning program. She is studying how planning can support heritage conservation of black spaces challenged by real estate pressures.

University of California, Berkeley

Diego Rentería

Diego Rentería is a current graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley Master of City Planning program. He is studying brownfield and river restoration to develop regional park and open space systems in park-poor urban areas.

University of Michigan

India Solomon

India Solomon is a current graduate student at the University of Michigan Master of Urban and Regional Planning program. She is studying community development and design with a focus on equitable revitalization in Detroit's neighborhoods.


  • Harvard University

    Carolyn Angius

  • University of Colorado at Denver

    Mayra Gonzales

  • Portland State University

    Madison Levy

  • Eastern Washington University

    Claire Miller

  • University of Southern California

    Rachel Mills-Coyne

  • Florida State University

    Hadley Peterson


Obiamaka Ude
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ana Bonilla
University of California — Los Angeles


Fernando Montejo
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jessica Myers
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Amina Hassen
Hunter College

Ashleigh Johnson
University of Michigan


Adriana Akers

Stefani Cox
University of California–Berkeley

Deyanira Martinez
University of Arizona


Carlos Recarte
University of California–Berkeley

Julia Metz
Portland State University

Alexandria Murnan
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Chelsea Chee
University of New Mexico

Jocelyn Drummond
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lauren Trice
University of Pennsylvania


Avital Barnea
University of Minnesota

Stephanie Brown
Harvard Graduate School of Design

Sharon Wade-Ellis
University of Oregon


John Arroyo
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tynisha Beard
Rutgers University

Yovana Perez
University of California–Los Angeles

Carrie Randall
Cornell University


Marlynne Powell
Wayne State University


Nichole Arbeiter
Arizona State University

Krista Trout-Edwards
University of Michigan


Angela Trinh
University of California–Los Angeles


Teresa Cameron
Eastern Washington University

Valerie Gingrich
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Maureen Hickey
University of California–Berkeley


Alexia Kelly-Schwartz
University of Oregon

Nicole Clare
University of Pennsylvania

Vivian Castro
Columbia University

Gabriela Juarez
University of California–Los Angeles