APA Interact December 15, 2021

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December 15, 2021
AICP Certification will always stand for expertise, ethics, experience, and ongoing professional development. With the One Path to AICP Certification, beginning in Spring 2022 students and new and experienced planners alike can begin their next career move with a single streamlined and modern certification process.

Assess your readiness for certification and get answers to our most frequently asked eligibility questions with the Eligibility Pre-Check, including an interactive experience calculator to help you determine how soon you may apply to become AICP certified.
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The infrastructure of wellbeing

The new infrastructure package could be one of the nation's most consequential investments in equitable wellbeing — but only if we make it so. Learn how planners can steer funding into the creation of a built environment that addresses past inequities while boosting safety, inclusion, and universal access to shelter and other necessities.
The future of campus zoning

Anchor institutions like colleges, universities, and hospitals are vital to the economic and cultural health of many communities. Learn how current demographic and technological trends can help planners ensure the future of campus zoning is beneficial to both anchor institutions and their host communities.
December 31: End of CM reporting period for AICP members. Check individual CM status in your CM Log (login required).

December 23–January 2: APA's office will be closed for winter break. We will see you in the new year!

We See the Future and We Plan It
The University of Florida Department of Urban & Regional Planning has exceeded 750 graduates from our Master of Urban Regional Planning program. Our alumni tackle rising sea levels, rapid population growth and more. Start shaping the future, learn more about UF's Master of Urban & Regional Planning.
APA's Jobs Online actively connects you to career opportunities within the profession in areas including transportation, hazard mitigation, economic development, community development, comprehensive planning, and communications and engagement.
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APA's Consultants Online hosts Requests for Proposals and Requests for Qualifications from across the country as a free service to consultants and those seeking their services.

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