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November 10, 2021
Planners can ensure that the impacts of climate change and environmental injustices do not disproportionately fall upon at risk populations. Forty policies highlighted in this issue of Zoning Practice demonstrate the diversity of policy interventions being deployed around cities and counties to protect communities from noxious land uses. The insights gained from these policies can help fuel a new era of planning and zoning interventions aimed at furthering environmental justice goals.
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RELATED: APA's Climate Change Policy Guide focuses on interwoven equity, ensuring that equity considerations are part of all climate adaptation and mitigation decisions and actions. The policy guide represents APA's official position on climate change and can be used in your work.
Climate Refuge Cities
Climate migrants are on the move

Sea level rise, extreme heat, and other climate hazards are forcing millions to leave their homes in disaster-prone areas. Learn where they might go — and how planners can help those communities plan for a sustainable population boom — in this article from Planning.
Climate Impacts
Equity in urban heat management

Years of inequitable planning and policy decisions have put minority communities at higher risk of climate impacts. By looking at issues like urban heat through an equity lens, planners can better understand and address histories of disinvestment that have caused uneven exposure to climate threats in cities.
Native American Heritage Month
Honoring ancestors, addressing climate change

At least 50 tribes across the U.S. have assessed climate risks and developed plans to tackle them, according to a database maintained by University of Oregon. By upholding the teaching of ancestors, the Tulalip Tribes are addressing climate change impacts like coastal erosion and focusing on cutting carbon emissions. Learn more about the work of the Tulalip's Climate Adaptation Core Planning Team.

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Sign Regulations
SCOTUS hears new sign case

The City of Austin v. Reagan National Advertising case before the U.S. Supreme Court has the possibility to upend modern sign regulations and force reconsideration of billboard controls. APA filed an amicus curiae brief in this case encouraging adoption of clear rules for billboard regulations. Read why planners should follow this case and how it can impact your work.
Seven ways the infrastructure bill invests in planning

Last week's passage of the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is the culmination of planners' years-long effort to reform and renew the nation's surface transportation law. The program has more direct impact on local and regional planning than any other federal program — here's how.
National Planning Conference 2022
Sessions Proposals for NPC22

Share your unique outlook and knowledge with the planning community virtually or in San Diego. Select the session type and preferred delivery method for your session's content — from a 5-minute speed share to a 90-minute solutioning workshop. Submitters will be notified in February. Or sign-up to volunteer as a proposal reviewer to help select sessions for the NPC22 program. Deadline is December 1.
November 30: Final opportunity to comment on the Planning Accreditation Board's proposed amendment to its Accreditation Standards.

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